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Kettlebell Swings: Do Them ‘Right’ for Optimal Benefits


          The hip hinge serves as a precursor to everything you probably want to improve, from athletic performance to body composition. What exactly is a hip hinge, you ask? Well my friends…The hip hinge is any human movement that involves maximal hip flexion to full hip extension with minimal knee flexion to full knee extension. With that said, there are an abundant amount of exercises that we do that fit that criteria.These exercises include but are not limited to: the Deadlift, RDL, Hang clean, and the good ole Kettlebell swing. The kettlebell swing is arguably the ultimate hip hinge or hip snap movement… and you’re probably doing it wrong.   


      I want you to think of the position you are in when performing a RDL...(Jeopardy music playing).... OK you got it? Yes that position right there where you feel a pretty good stretch in your hamstrings, your chest is up, back is flat, slight knee bend, hips back with weight shifted posteriorly--YES… this is also the position you need to be in when performing the Kettlebell swing. I have observed way to many people making the mistake of breaking with their knees first and making it more of a squat pattern or some kind of anteriorly loaded stripper body roll! First of all you’re doing it wrong, secondly that doesn’t look athletic, and thirdly you’re missing out on all the benefits that the swing can produce if you were doing it right! Whether it be strength in your deadlift, or more power generation in your hang clean, or just a good looking backside, or posture improvement,  the kettlebell swing serves as a precursor and great implement to improve everything athletic.


   Doing the Kettlebell swing right starts off with learning how to properly and efficiently hip hinge. The hip hinge can be a difficult pattern when first learning how to properly do it because most people want to associate it with a squat. Its important to note that the hip hinge is in no way associated with a squat pattern.


Hip Hinge = maximal hip bend, minimal knee bend

Squat = maximal hip bend, maximal knee bend.

However if done right your hip hinge can improve your squat! With Kettle swings being one of the more dynamic hip hinge patterns, it is important to work on regressed variations of the movement to surely embed proficiency.

         Me and coach Chris are working on a hip hinge video series that will further demonstrate and explain hinging movements to help you grasp this concept. I will also be discussing ways the hip hinge can improve your big lifts such as your deadlift and squat. Stay tuned! In the mean time, Please consider this blog post the next time you have kettlebell swings in class and do them right! This may mean you need to disappoint your ego by lowering the weight, but eventually your body will thank you and that weight you once thought was heavy will be paper weights to your kinetic chain. NEVER SACRIFICE FORM OVER WEIGHT in any exercise! Form is key to maintained and permanent strength gains. Weight is just a load that your body can adapt to but can also cause compensation issues and deficiencies during that adaptation process. ADAPT STRONG, NOT WRONG!! Happy training my friends!!



Yours truely in proper hinge position!!




A1. Wall Walk x3-5 reps

A2. Tuck Hold; 30 Sec


Bx4. Push Press x5 reps, rest 60-90 sec, working up in weight from a rack


C. For time;

50x Russian KB Swings

50x Push Ups

50x Sit Ups




A. Back Squat, wave loaded;

5, 4, 3, 5, 4, 3, to a daily heavy set of 3.

 rest about 2 min after each set.  

B. Strict Press; Find 1 Rep Max in 10 min, from a rack.

C. For time


DB Thrusters [heavy] 

CtB Pull Ups






Be an Influencer 

As an active member of CrossFit Gainesville you are part of a community of people who not only workout regularly, but strive to live a healthy lifestyle.  You may not realize it yet, but others look to you for inspiration, motivation, and guidance.  
As someone who chose fitness as a career, I have a harder time convincing some folks that a healthy lifestyle is within their reach.  They see the way I dedicate myself to my health and think it is too extreme or unattainable for them.  In comes a CFG member.  You make constant improvements, have access to topnotch health education, manage demanding professions and families, and you have fun too!!!  You guys are the influencers, you are the true inspirations.
In this age of social media, you have the ability to impact people near and far on a regular basis.  What you eat, how you workout, your philosophy on life, attitude, and opinions can be shared with the click of the button.  But it is not just on the web.  Others in class see you improving, start to notice you are getting leaner and beating them in workouts and they begin to reflect.  They think, “maybe I can do that too”  or “damn, I better get in there more consistently.”
You never know who is watching, who is reading, and whose life you might change by sharing your story, your failures, your successes, and the fun! 
Catherine has been killing it in the kitchen prepping meals and it is showing at the gym!

Workout of the Day

Ax4; Skill; Hang Power Clean x3 + Front Squat x3
weight isn’t important - putting the 2 movements together is. 
B. Alt EMOM; 18 min; 
B1. Row 150m 
B2. KB Front Squat x10-12 reps
B3. Plank Hold; 40 seconds
A. Shoulder Mobility
B. 10 min on, 3 min off x3 sets; start at worst station
B1. Row 200m +10x Hand Release Push Up +1 Rope Climb
B2. Run 200m +10x DB Walking Lunge steps + 5x DB renegade Rows
B3. 50m Odd Object Carry + 10x Russian KBS [+ 25m Bear Crawl]

FitCamp Challenge = $150 Cash Back

Say What!!!

There are only 3 days left to register for our 6 week FitCamp Challenge!!

As members of CrossFit Gainesville, you already drink "the juice" and know how much your fitness extends beyond your one hour crossfit class. Maybe your 3x a week membership started out as a way to get back into exercising, but I bet it didn't stop there. Suddenly you started making better food choices, setting health and fitness goals, getting better quality sleep, and found an amazing community of motivated people like yourself.

BUT . . . What made you get started? And what were your hesitations?

Did you think CrossFit was a cult, or unsafe, or how about a bunch of meat heads who love to talk about CrossFit, or did you feel like you needed to workout somewhere else to "get ready" for CrossFit?

Lets face it . . . CrossFit is intimidating. . . period.

That is where FitCamp comes into play. FitCamp is the introductory program into a CrossFit style of training. The high intensities and complex movements are removed, and replaced with basic strength and conditioning protocols to build some lean mean fighting machines :)

The Challenge part is new . . . You know it works, I know it works, but a newcomer is understandably hesitant about the workouts, intensities, and if they can "hang".

That is why we created a risk free challenge for our FitCamp members.

Here is how the Challenge works in 3 easy Steps:

1. FitCamp is $49 to reserve your spot (HERE)
2. Enrollment Day is the kick off to the program where we go over what to expect and take some baseline measurements (Body Fat %, Tape Measurements, Weight, BMI, etc)
*** $150 is due at Enrollment Day
3. Upon completion of the challenge, that $150 is returned to you! 

Challenge Rules:

1. Attend all scheduled FitCamp Classes (M,T,R @ 5:30pm)
2. Turn in completed food log weekly
3. Check in & post reflection after every class on Facebook

If all 3 steps are completed, FitCamp members will receive all $150 back at the end of the 6 weeks, along with all of their kick ass results!

We only have 3 days till the next FitCamp begins so if you have anyone you would like to share the gift of Fitness with please let them know!

FitCamp 1.0

- Enrollment Day: August 1st @ 10:30am
- First Day: Monday, August 3rd
- Class Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:30pm
- Final Day: Thursday, September 10th

Enroll a Friend Today - Give the gift of Fitness



A1. Hollow Rock x10
A2. Turkish Get up x2 each arm

B. 8 min AMRAPs, rest 3 min between
Run 150m
15x Sit Up
10x Ring Row

Jump Rope x 100 passes
15x DB Push Press
10x DB Walking Lunges [held in center of chest]


A. Handstand Hold/walk; 30 sec x3 sets

B. Hang Power Clean: Build to daily 1RM, one rep every minute for 10 min

C. Double Hanger
3 Rounds for time;
7x Hang Clean + Shoulder to Overhead
100x Double Unders



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