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TABATA, what is it and where did it come from?


The real question is ‘who’?

Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese physician and researcher conducted a study using an interval-based training model. His objective was to see if athletes would benefit from a training session made up of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  

Dr. Tabata took two groups and put them on an exercise program for six weeks.

The control group did one hour of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week. Their results showed minor improvements in aerobic capacity (cardio) and little to no improvements in their anaerobic systems (speed and strength).

The test group did high-intensity Tabata-style training five times a week. The Tabata group improved its aerobic capacity by twice as much as the control group and anaerobic fitness level increased 28%.


What does that mean to you?

Tabata is a great workout that is very flexible when you have time, space, or equipment limitations. Tabata, as shown in this study, can be more effective to your overall fitness than going for a 30 minute jog. It can be as short as 4 minutes or as long as you like. Just keep adding more movements to the mix. Here are some ideas:

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Burpees

  • Sit-ups

  • Pull-ups

  • Squats

  • Dips

  • Push-ups

  • Sprints

  • Stadiums

  • Box Jumps/Step-ups

  • Jumping rope

  • Handstands

So, over the Holidays when you find yourself sitting on the floor wrapping all those presents give yourself a 4 minute break and get your Tabata on!


Daniel, Brian, and Erik all smiles Post Filthy 50



Workout of the Day




A1. Strict Press x8 reps w/1 second hold overhead

A2. Broad Jump x6 reps, explosive - land & reset every time, rest 20 sec

A3. Tuck Hold on Parallettes; 25 seconds cumulative, rest 60 sec


B. 12 min AMRAP;  

50x Jump Rope Passes

12x KB Walking Lunge Steps [6x each leg]

12x Single Arm KB Push Press [same kb as walking lunge - 6x each arm]



Ax3: 800m run, rest 3 min @90% pace


B. For time;

200m run to start each round +21-15-9 reps;

-Single Arm KB Clean [total reps]

-Pistols [total reps]

-Toes to Bar


C. Plank Hold w/ 45/25# Plate on hips for time  

The Little Ones are Watching

By Nicole Black

“Look Mom!  There’s Miss Caroline,” yells my daughter as we pull into the parking lot at CFG and she spots Caroline Pertler handedly pulling a sled full of bumper plates.  We may spend a fair amount of time talking to our adult family members and friends about the benefits of CrossFit and fitness in general, but let’s take a moment to think about the children in our lives and the influence we have on them. 

There are numerous factors that affect a child’s likelihood to engage in physical activity and his or her fitness level.  Several studies have shown positive parental attitudes about physical activity and higher levels of parental physical activity (including true activity or activity that is perceived by their children) are positively associated with physical activity and fitness in children (see Voss and Sandercock and Kahn et al).  This evidence means parents and role models can make a difference in what kids do!

With 27.5% of children and adolescents in the State of Florida being overweight or obese you can be proud of your fitness efforts and what they might be doing for the little ones around you.  Keep up the great work!



Kelly Cannon working out with her daughter Skylar at the Thanksgiving WOD

Workout of the Day


A1. 2x Hang Clean High Pull + 2x Hang Power Clean, rest 30 seconds, then;
A2. AMRAP -2 push Ups, rest 60 seconds.

For time;

Row 40 Cal
Run 200m
30x KB Swings
Run 200m
20x Burpee
Run 200m
10x DB Man Makers
Run 200m


A. Back Squat; 6 sets of 2 reps; 30x2, rest 2 min


4 rounds; rest 1 min after each set, score is total time
-DB Thruster 
-CtB Pull Ups

-Set 1 perform 12 reps of each
-Set 2 perform 10 reps of each
-Set 3 perform 8 reps of each
-Set 4 perform 6 reps of each

3 Tips To Keep Off Holiday Weight Gain!

Around this time each year, there's concern about weight gains and dieting. Let's face it, who wouldn't be with all of the family gatherings, lavish dinners, and rich deserts that come with traditional holidays. I want you to know you can still enjoy all of those things and the answer isn't restricting yourself or being the odd one out at the dinner table.

Of course it takes added discipline to get through these times, but it's well worth keeping your hard earned work in the gym and body composition you've been shaping all year. So, here's three tips I think you'll find helpful!

  1. Timing- The holidays are jam packed because they're filled with added errands and thoughtful gift giving. Try switching your workouts to the morning, so you can fit everything in your day. Most events and holiday activities will happen in the evenings, so switching up your training schedule now will help you coast through the holidays with all of your training in!
  2. Eat what you love- I love special holiday foods and restricting myself just isn't an option. If you're like me, enjoy those special foods that you love, but leave the not so special or commercial made options out. For example, my mom makes an awesome chocolate pudding mud pie that I look forward to every year, but those traditional store bought pies just won't make the cut at all the holiday parties that I'll be attending. Save your treats for the ones that matter!
  3. Travel Workouts- Travel is a part of the holidays and it's not going anywhere. So, rather than leaving your training at home, take it with you! Seriously, include your friends and family in games and activities that are fitness oriented. When's the last time you played kickball, dodgeball, or wiffle ball? If those don't entertain you, try on one of these 30 minutes or less, no equipment necessary workouts!   Click HERE for Travel Workouts!

Out door cardio session on the rowers!

Workout of the Day 



A.Back Squat; 8-10 reps; 30x0 tempo rest 90-120 seconds
B1. Bulgarian Split Squat x6 each leg, rest 30 seconds
B2. DB Seated Alt Arm Press x6 each arm, rest 30 seconds
C. For total rounds; 3 min on, 1 min off, 3 min on
6x Wall Ball
8x Jumping Pull Up
10x Lemon Squeezer


A. Power Clean + Push Jerk;
One set every 90 seconds for 12 minutes; 60%, 70%, 80%, 85%, (90%)3
B. Clean Extensions; 3x3@ 100% of 1 rep clean, rest 90 seconds after each set
C. 5 min AMRAP;
4x Hang Power Clean @60% of A
20x Double Unders

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