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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness


Our CrossFit Gainesville Bootcamp just got a makeover!!

Starting August 1st we will be running a 6 week FitCamp Challenge!

Why FitCamp you ask??? Because this is where you go to get FIT!

We are not drill sergeants blowing whistles in your faces. . . we are coaches who are dedicated to teaching YOU everything you need to know about Health & Fitness and inspire people to live physically active and socially connected lives.

The best part is that after 6 weeks you'll have a new outlook on life and the results to back it up!

Here is how it works - Registration Opens Today!
Step 1: Visit FitCamp.LIVAthletic.com
Step 2: Register by clicking the "Enroll Now" Button
$49 will register you for a spot in the challenge
Step 3: Mark your calendar for Day 1 of the Challenge - Enrollment Day: August 1st
Step 4: Pay remaining balance for FitCamp on Enrollment Day ($150)

Our 6 week challenge is worth sharing too. Over the past 8 years we've developed our programs to be highly accountable and effective for accomplishing goals, so we're offering up a challenge to all who wish to accept our 6 week FitCamp terms:

- Attend all classes
- Turn in weekly food is fuel log
- Post daily reflections

If you complete the challenge requirements you will get $150 back upon completion. . . EVEN WHEN YOU GET RESULTS and want to continue with the program!

Space is limited, we are only accepting 20 Challengers and once it's filled that's it! We're serious about making a difference in our clients lives and the FitCamp Challenge is the best way to get started.

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Ax5 - Alphabet Soup

a. Run 200m
b. Push Ups x10
c. Bear Crawl x100 feet
d. Back Extension x10
e. Walking Lunges x20 steps each leg
* Rearrange the order of movements each round, no two rounds should be in the same order.

rest 90 sec active after each set


Ax4 - Snatch Complex
one set every 2 min for 8 min

3 Position Snatch: Hang + Below Knee + Full
60, 70, (80%)2

Bx3 - for quality

B1. Snatch Balance x3
B2. Single Leg RDL x5 each leg

C. 10 min Alt EMOM

C1. Russian KB Swings x10-12
C2. V-Ups x10-15


Up and Away!

Most of us want to improve our upper body pulling strength and knock pull-ups out of the park. From a survival standpoint, the ability to pull your body weight is pretty important. You have many options for building both vertical and horizontal pulling strength including; ring rows, barbell rows, pull-up variations, static holds, etc. Though we don't often use it in class, the rope is also a great tool to build pulling and grip strength.

The video below explains a simple workout you can do to build strength to improve rope climbs and that will transfer to other movements as well. However a few important notes before you get started:

1. Before you try this workout, make sure you can comfortably hang from the rope and bring your knees up to your chest and down a few times. If you can't do this, we need to go down a few notches in the progression, don't worry you'll get there.

2. Rope climbs are pretty tough on the elbows. Make sure you warm up well and only do them 1-2X/week max and get plenty of rest between your sets.

Sample warm up:
Foam roll lats, pecs and thoracic spine
8-10 Arm circles followed by elbow circles in both directions
row 250 meters
5 inch worms into a push-up
5 jumping pull-ups



Workout of the Day


A1. 3x5 Static Dips
A2. 3x5 Strict Pull ups [partner assisted or band assisted]

B. Front Squat; 3 sets of 10 reps; 31x1 tempo, working up in weight, but not to failure

C. Tabata Low Score at each station, one 20 second tabata rest period to transition
1. KB Goblet Squat
2. Sit Ups
3. Supine Ring Rows/Banded Pull Ups


A: 10 min Alternating EMOM; first minute A1, 2nd minute A2
A1.Power Clean x3 [1.1.1 - 60%, 70%, (75%)3]
A2.  HSPU ADAP; 5-7 reps
B. 15 min; For total rounds of AnAerobic Endurance
rest 1 min after each round 
5 Power Clean [t&g weight] + 7x Burpees + 9x Pull Ups; 
advanced can start with 1-3 muscle up every round [unbroken] then into the rest of the sprint complex

Bring A Buddy Day

It's bring a buddy day at CrossFit Gainesville!  We encourage every member to bring a buddy to join you for a fun partner workout.  So, call your friends and schedule the date for a kick butt partner friendly workout at CFG.  Buddies of all fitness levels are welcome!

Here are the details:

Sunday, July 12th 
10am class only  (no 11am class. Performance class please bring a buddy and join the 10am class)

Sneak Peak Workouts:

"Flip Your Fate- Card Game"
Medball Sit-ups (Hearts)
Over Partner Burpees (Clubs)
Goblet Squats (Diamonds)
Partner Box Jumps (Spades)

*Jokers TBD

Note: Please have your guest arrive 10 minutes early to class to sign a waiver and meet everyone!

Workout of the Day


Ax4. Push Press x8-10 reps w/1 sec pause at top each rep

B. 12 Min AMRAP
100m Sprint
14x Russian KB Swings
7x Burpees
Rest 30 seconds after each round completed


A. Back Squat; working up in weight then: @78% x 5 reps, 2 sets, then AMRAP at 78%. [3 sets total]

B. 15 min AMRAP
200m run
AMRAP Push Ups
AMRAP Thrusters [95/65#]
score is total reps combined of push ups & Thrusters + rounds running

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