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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Things you should know before you date an athletic girl!

I came across this article on social media that was interesting. It's kind of like a guide to understanding what it would be like to live in the life or date the athlete type. Although, it's written through the eyes of a fitness minded female it poses an interesting question... What would you add to the list for your athletic significant other...?

Here are a few points that sound familiar to me...

2. She's going to want to eat. A lot.

5. She's not keeping in shape for your benefit. She does it for herself, you're just lucky to reap the side effects.

11. Her teammates or friends at the gym or in class are going to be some of her closest confidantes. If they don't like you, you're in real big trouble.

Read the full article here and add your input to the comments below!

Erik maneuvers through the burpee line at last weeks Whole Life Challenge workout!

Workout of the Day


3 sets @ 75% effort:
20 sec Pull-Up Hold
7-10 HR Push-Ups
200m Run
rest 2 min b/t rounds
5 min rest
3 sets @ 75% effort:
10 Ring Rows
7 Burpees
200m Row


C&J Mod + MAP Sets (3 components) 90-3 min (squat/pull or bend/push)
A. Power Clean. Squat Clean. Push Jerk, 1.1.1 x 3 sets, 2 min
B. AMRAP in 15min. at high aerobic effort:
10 Push-Press (115/75)
15 KB Swings (70/53)
20 Wall Balls (24/20)
200m Run


Whole Life Challenge Finale!

Congratulations to those who've spent the last 8 weeks playing our lifestyle game called the Whole Life Challenge! Although, it's much more than a game because the benefits of the play have a profound impact on the lives and health of those who've challenged themselves. However, the motivation of a points system, group support, recipes, activities, reflections, homework, and so much more, has helped turn poor habits into better lifestyle choices.

The Whole Life Challenge will wrap up this Saturday at Fred Cone Park at 8am with a bench mark workout and comparison of participants day 1 body compositions.

I want to thank our Whole Life Challenge Coach Natalie Miller for leading our group with insightful knowledge, group support, and engaging homework. We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for you!



A. Back Squat @ 20X1, 4-6 reps x 4 sets, 1-2 min
B1. Romanian DL @ 30X1, 5-7 reps x 3 sets, 1 min
B2. CGBP @ 20X1, 4-6 reps x 3 sets, 1 min
C. Plank Holds @ 20 sec x 10 sets, 40 sec


A. Push Press, 3 reps x 4 sets, 2 min
B. Hang Power Clean. Power Clean, 1.1 x 3 sets, 2 min
C. 3 sets @ moderate effort:
30 sec thrusters (95/65)
30 sec deadlift (95/65)
400m Run

Testing Week is Approaching

Mark your calendars! Next week, starting Monday the 10th, will kick off a series of testing workouts. These will run the entire next week in our Performance and Health classes. This is an important week because we program using a Test/Retest training protocol. This means that each day will represent a benchmark workout that will reveal feedback in your fitness for us to assess how each program's athletes are performing in relation to our training/coaching expectations. We then reassess the testing data to re-design our workout programs to ensure that each one is delivering as intended based on their goals.

We encourage you all to come test your fitness. These will be 'all out' efforts. Don't shy away if you're not good at an exercise or movement. Show up, do your best and in future weeks to come, we'll measure how far you've come!

Our ladies volleyball squad puting in the work to improve their game day performances!


A. 2 pos. Hang Power Snatch, (mid-thigh, below knee) 2 reps x 5 sets, 1 min
Row Sprint 200m @ moderate effort x 5 sets, 1 min
For Time:
Strict Push-Ups
Supinated Pull-Ups


A. Power Snatch, 1.1.1 x 4 sets, 2 min
B. Front Squat, build to heavy single
C. 10min. AMRAP
3 Power Snatch - (135/85)
9 Bar Hop Burpee

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