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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


We hope that you all enjoy a wonderful day with your near and dear ones.  Today and tomorrow, try to do something active that you might not usually get the chance to!  Hike a trail, go dancing, play a sport or simply take a long walk with your family.  We will see you all back on Saturday!



Tracey and her family at the Thanksgiving WOD

Happy Graduation Bootcamp 4.0!!!

By Danielle Bodin
I am very proud to announce that last Friday CrossFit Gainesville’s GetFit Bootcamp 4.0 came to a very successful end. Twelve dedicated participants completed 6 weeks of workouts in sometimes less than favorable conditions. Sometimes it was cold, dark, and rainy on those nights at the stadium and sometimes there were burpees and bear crawls on concrete but they just got tougher and kept coming back! Everyone made major progress and has been invited to test out some health classes. If you get the chance to workout with any of the bootcampers please make them feel like part of the family!
Dont forget!!!  5:30am, 6:30am, and 10am classes only today!
We will be closed Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28
Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 

Workout of the Day

A1. Run 200m 90% output, rest 20 sec [steady output each set, looking for faster than last week]
A2. Ring Row x8-10; 1010 tempo, rest 20 sec
A3. Hollow Rock; 10 rocks back & forth, rest 1 min

B. 4 rounds, 1 min per station, rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete
Shuttle Run; 5m out, 5m back
Jump Rope Passes/Double Unders
Row for Cal
Score is lowest output at each station



Ax3-4 sets; 
Skill time - 
A1. Freestanding Handstand Holds; accumulate 30 -45 seconds [can be against the wall if they’re not there yet]
A2.  GHD Raises x10-12 reps
A3. Rope Climb x2 ascents, as difficult as possible [for that athlete] = 
5 rounds, 30 seconds per station; rest 30 seconds after all 3 stations are complete
Pull Ups [adv should be Chest to bar, aka, CtB pull ups]
Burpee Box Jump Over [24/20”]
Wall Ball [20/14]

Practice Safe Cycling

By Erik Black

Over the years I've noticed a couple things about the athletes at CFG. First off, we're very focused on improving our own health and well-being. Second, we're pretty smart, successful people. Finally, we make injury prevention a high priority. But injury prevention should not just be limited to the gym.

How many of you ride your bike recreationally, to and from the gym or to work without a helmet? If you make a habit of doing this, please stop and think for a second. A bicycle helmet is a must when out riding whether it's just down the block or across town. In 2010 alone, 800 bicyclists were killed and another 515,000 bicyclists visited emergency rooms because of bicycle related injuries. A meta-analysis in the journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention provides very strong evidence that wearing a bicycle helmet reduces not just fatalities but also reduces the severity associated with brain and head injury and facial trauma in bicycle associated accidents (Attewell, Glase & McFadden, 2001). One of the common refrains heard amongst experienced cyclists is: "it's not if, but when you will go down."

Early in my cycling career I paid a visit to the emergency room because of a cycling injury, fortunately, aside from a rather large dent in my helmet, I escaped with only a few stitches, but my experience made me realize how vulnerable I am on my bike. Keep in mind, you can be the safest cyclist on the road, but you've got no control over others and in the event of an altercation with a car, simple physics dictates who wins and loses.

We want to keep you happy and healthy. So, if you don't have a helmet, please get one and wear it. If you have one and don't use it, start wearing your helmet today.  If you don't have a bicycle helmet, Crossfit Gainesville's community partner Gator Cycle will gladly help you out with a new helmet at a discount. Just make sure to remind them that you're a CFG member.

Attewell, R. G., Glase, K., & McFadden, M. (2001). Bicycle helmet efficacy: a meta-analysis. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 33(3), 345-352.


Coach Chris practicing safe cycling.


Workout of the Day


A. Back Squat x8-10 @30x1, rest 90 sec-2 min

B1. KB Box Step Up x5 Steps each leg, rest 30 sec
B2. Barbell Strict Press x8; 21x1, rest 30 sec, rest 60 seconds

C. 8 min AMRAP
9x Sit Ups
7x Wall Ball
5x Pull ups/Jumping Pull ups 


A.Every 90 seconds for 12 min [8 sets]
2x Power Clean + 2x Push Jerk
load; 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, then 80-85% for remaining sets 

B. 4 Rounds - High Effort - score is total time including rest
6x Hang Power Clean [60% of A]
6x Burpee Over Bar 
Sprint 100 meters

rest 90 after each round

C. 4 Rounds 
Row 150m
Rest 90 seconds
Score is total time including rest

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