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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

When I Kip You Kip We Kip

Skill clinics, have you been to any yet?

Skill clinics are a great way to get focused instruction on a movement that has a lot of technique to it. When we teach these movements in class we review the most important points as a group and try to give more specific feedback during the working portion of the workout. Sometimes this is all you need, you pick up the movement no problem. Sometimes there is a little something that is missing. Enter the Skill Clinics! Included in your membership, 1 hour of focused progressions on a specific movement. This is not a workout but, that doesn't mean it's easy. Working technique takes a lot of body control.

The next skill clinic is for the kipping pull-up. No matter where you are with your pull-up or how long you have been here, you can always begin practicing technique. Thursday March 19th at 6:30pm sign up here!

Maybe one day we will be like the Red Panda :)


Workout Of the Day


Ax4-5 sets

Deadlift x3 reps; 2020 tempo, working up in weight. [compare to previous 3RM]

B. 5 rounds for time;

200m run

10x Hand Release Push Ups
12x Slam Ball



A. 14 min Alt EMOM;

Even: Power Snatch x1 rep, working up in weight to a heavy single for the day.

Odd; 40 seconds shuttle run max reps


B. 10 min AMRAP; Ideally, first & last rounds are at the same pace.

200m run

10x Burpee

10x V-Up


It Just Keeps Getting Better

Despite cold temperatures, it really heated up in here on Friday night. We had over 50 athletes compete in Friday Night Lights and we are looking forward to the next few weeks!

So far we have raised almost $2,000 combined for PACE, Tyler’s Hope and the Youth Combine. This Friday we welcome Natalya Bannister, the PACE Executive Director and some of her students to speak at Friday Night Lights! This our chance to inspire some youngsters and show them what a great fitness community looks like.

PACE began as a community response to the realization that girls involved with the justice system were either being placed in boys programs or placed further into the system for their own protection. There were no effective alternatives. Started by Vicki Burke and guided by the research-based recommendations which called for gender responsive programming, PACE created a new alternative to institutionalization or incarceration.

The All-Stars will provide a keg this week in honor of St. Patricks Day. We will be accepting donations to PACE!

This Week’s Life Style Challenge

This week’s lifestyle challenge is to provide encourage to three other people in your life. This week and beyond, make celebration a more regular part of your relationships. Celebrate others’ victories, large and small-with a handwritten note, coffee together or delivered to their work, a congratulatory phone call or just a high-five

Coming Up

On March 27th we will have an after party to commemorate a successful Open season and celebrate all you have accomplished. So get ready to share a drink and some healthy snacks with us! We will also be joined by representatives from Tyler’s Hope.


First time Friday Night Lights participant, Courtney Toles representing for the Disco Ninjas!


Workout of the Day


10 min Alt EMOM;
A1. 3x Press +5x Push Press
A2. Double Under Practice for 30 seconds

B. 3 min AMRAP, rest 1 min x3
B1. Jump Rope Passes

B2. Wall Ball

B3. Row for Cal


A. 10 min Alt EMOM;
A1.Thruster x3 reps, working up in weight to a heavy daily set, from a rack
A2. Muscle Up Transitions +Dips; 5-7 reps

B. 7 min EMOM;
7x Thruster [100/65#]
20x Double Unders

C. 5 min AMRAP;
15x Wall Ball
20x Double Unders

10 Things You Need to Know Before Joining A Gym

Choosing a gym is like choosing what to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. There are so many options out there, and unless you know exactly what you want it is hard to make the best decision. You may want try a few options before you find exactly what you are looking for. Remember, there are no wrong choices, just some that are better suited for your needs than other. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a gym:

1. Goals
Do you know what you are trying to achieve? The gym you choose should align with your goals and offer programs that will solve your goals. If your goal is to put on muscle mass, joining a spin class would not be beneficial to your goals, and if you are overweight with the goal of losing 50+ pounds, a yoga class is not going to tackle your goals as efficiently as a more aerobic program.

2. Staff
What are the credentials of the coaches/trainers? Do they have a minimum of a Bachelors degree and 3+ years in the industry? The more educated your instructors are, the better they can tailor programs to fit your needs instead of fit you into their program.

3. Lifestyle
Does this facility benefit your lifestyle in any way? Quick in and out workouts, various times to fit within your schedule, provide healthy recipes for your family, do they have a community? There is more to a great gym than situps! A great gym will change your life in and out of the gym.

4. Education
Will you have the opportunity to learn? Do they offer education or seminars on topics relevant to you, your family, and your goals?

5. One Stop Shop
Do they offer the other half of a healthy lifestyle? Any health and fitness goal is achieved by a well rounded exercise and nutrition program. One without the other is setting yourself up for failure. Why pay for a gym and a nutritionist when you can have one person create a whole program for your needs? Make sure to find a gym that offers the WHOLE program = Exercise + Nutrition Coaching!

6. Location
Health and Fitness is a full time job! Why not make it more convenient. Choose a facility that is no more than 5 minutes outside your drive to and from work daily. The more convenient the location and availability of use, the better chance you will stick with the program!

7. Cleanliness
Health studios tend to be a messy arena. Ask what measures they take to clean the facility and equipment. Some may clean daily, weekly, or monthly (yikes)! Your best option is one that is cleaned daily by the staff, but kept sanitized throughout the day by reinforcing the individual responsibility of cleaning equipment after use.

8. Challenging
At first we all want to reach our goals the easy way. . .whatever that is, but after a while of no results and increased boredom, most are at their wits end and ready to do ANYTHING to see results! Yes, a challenge is scary up front, but so rewarding after! Choose a place that offers challenges at your own pace. Also, having a variety of challenges keeps it fun, exciting, and motivating.

9. Fun, Family, Friends
Lets face it, you are more likely to stick with something that is fun, your family can partake in, and where you can make more friends with similar interests! Find a gym that fosters the interaction of members to build a community of health and fitness goal oriented people. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it also helps to have a village keep you on track of you goals!

10. Accountability & Results
The most important of all! Will they hold you accountable to your goals? Do they have testimonials of others like you achieving results? Do you fully understand the program, trust the coaches, and believe it will help you achieve your goals? If you do, then what are you waiting for! Stop dreaming and start working, your results are right around the corner!


Workout of the Day

Ax4; 3x Hang Power Clean + 3x Front Squat; rest 60-90 sec
B1. KB Box Step Up x5 each leg, rest 30 sec
B2. DB Bench Press x8; 31x1, rest 30 sec

C. 6 min AMRAP
10x Russian KB Swings
6x Burpee

12 min; 1.1 reps every 90 seconds; Power Clean
working up in weight to a daily tough set... [rest 10 sec after each rep]

B. 6 min AMRAP;
3x Power Clean [60% of 1RM, doesn't have to be t&g, but barbell cycling & staying close to the bar is a great skill right now]
6x Burpee Over Bar

rest 2 min;

6 min AMRAP
6x Box Jump Overs
6x Hand Release Push Ups


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