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Week 1 of FitCamp in the Books!


Workout of the Day


Ax4; Skill; Hang Power Clean x3 + Front Squat x5

B. Alt EMOM; 15 min;

B1. Row 175m

B2. 12x KB Lunges [6 each leg]

B3. Plank Hold; 45 seconds
  1. Build to a 1RM Front Squat in 15 min.

  2. 5 rounds for time;

5x Muscle Ups

10x front squat [135/95]

10x shoulder to overhead [135/95]

Act, Fail, Reflect, Act, Achieve, Reflect, Repeat

Do you ask yourself questions?  Are they the right questions?  In what situations are you posing these questions?  I am not talking about the inner debate over whether or not you want sushi for dinner.  I am talking about the hard questions, that even if we ask ourselves, we are sometimes afraid to answer.   
In order to set reasonable and attainable goals we need to ask ourselves some pretty tough questions to start with.  After you have asked these questions and set a goal, you'll need to follow up on your results.  If you read Stephanie’s blog post yesterday and other posts about rejection, grit, and growth mindset, then you know that meaningful learning and growth arise from mistakes and failures. However, simply failing is not enough.
If you don’t figure out why you failed, how to improve, if you want to improve, then you aren't moving forward.  This process often hurts and your first reaction might be to get defensive and make excuses. Instead of getting defensive, start asking and answering questions.  How do you feel?  Why do you feel that way?   How did your behaviour impact the current situation?  What do you want moving forward? Why do you want that?  Where are you now? What can you do now to change your current situation? 
You have a lot to learn from yourself if you take the time to reflect.  
I'm talking to the (wo)man in the mirror.

Workout of the Day




A1. DB Bench Press x10; 30x1

A2. Tuck Hold x30 sec cumulative

A3. YTWL Shoulder Rotations; 5x each letter 


C. 2 Rounds For time; 

20x Hand Release Push Ups

30x Slam Ball

40x Sit Ups

A. 400m run x4, rest 3 min 
B1. Turkish Get Ups x3 each arm
B2. L-Sit: 30 seconds
C. 400m Farmers Walk for time; 
2kb/db. Every break = coach’s penalty.

Strive to FAIL 

Failure is a valuable tool if used correctly. As athletes we are taught how to strategize our workouts, how to test the "Red Zone" boundaries, and how to pace, but when is the last time you TRIED TO FAIL at the gym?

Sometimes we get so comfortable with our aerobic and strength zones that we rarely push the boundaries in fear of failing.

For instance . . . Have you ever had a workout that you made a general plan ahead of time based on how you usually feel. Maybe you planned out how many reps you are going to do, how much rest time, or the weight you were going to use in order to get done the quickest . . .. you had a plan. That plan tell you that if you stick to your guidelines you will probably be the most efficient you, and finish with a good time?

....Makes sense and 9 times out of 10 you are right! We want you to have body awarenenss, know its capabilities, and train smart, but that 10% window is CRUCIAL to your development as an athlete.

When you feel like you finishing all of the workouts and you think . . . "that wasn't so bad" You may be plateauing,maybe it is time for you to give yourself a Fail Test.

When you get this feeling for 2 or more weeks it is time to take the Challenge:
1 week of intended Failure

What I mean by that is to throw away your planning that week (not your form and technique), and push yourself a little farther than usual. The outcome may be that you Redline 2 minutes into a 5 minute workout, DNF, OR you may surprise yourself and end up getting so many more consecutive reps or rounds than you typically would. This week is about pushing your boundaries and accepting that you may not finish a workout because you are testing different intensities or loads. No one will judge you, and you will reap the benefits. . . well you will reap the benefits only if you LEARN from each "failure". Failing is great because you can learn so much about how to adjust for next time.

L - Learn
I - Implement
F - Fail
E - Evaluate





Alphabet Soup

Rest 2 min after each set is complete
A. Run 200m
B. 10x Jumping Pull Ups
C. 50' Bear Crawl
D. 10x Walking Lunges [10 each leg, 20 total]
E. 100x Jump Rope


A1. Weighted Dip x3, rest 10 sec
A2. Max Rep Clapping Push Ups, rest 60 sec

B1. Pendlay Row x5; rest 10 sec
B2. AMRAP Ring Row; 1010 tempo, rest 60 sec

Row 250m
10x Burpee
50x Double Unders
rest 2 min

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