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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Grit and Growth

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be exhilerating. You develop positive habits such as sleeping seven to eight hours each night, prep-cooking nutritious food, and moving in ways that strengthen and vitalize your body. It is also challenging, at times even discouraging. "I have to prep-cook again? I just did that last weekend!" If you are performance oriented, you'll go through phases where you won't see gains in your lifts or it may take longer than you'd like to get that muscle-up. For those motivated by weight-loss, losing those last ten pounds can seem like an insurmountable endeavor.

The truth is, you will likely fail and falter many times before you see results. What seems to separate those who are successful from those who quit is the knowledge that failure isn't a dirty word nor is it a permanent condition. Let me repeat, failure is not a permanent condition. You need to fail, learn, and try again...and again....and again. Individuals who practice this have a Growth Mindset. They realize that who and what they are today is not fixed, with consistent effort, they can change. They have grit.

Grit is a character trait exemplified by individuals who meet struggle head on and no matter what the outcome, learn from it and move on. If you don't possess this character trait now or want to strengthen it, you can learn, that is where the Growth Mindset comes in. Now, developing character traits takes time and quite a bit of behavior therapy. Just like training and developing your muscles, you need to train your mind.  Author Paul Tough explains, "Cognitive behavioral therapy, or C.B.T., involves using the conscious mind to understand and overcome unconscious fears and self-destructive habits, using techniques like "self-talk" — putting an immediate crisis in perspective by reminding yourself of the larger context."

There are some great resources available on Growth Mindset, Grit, and C.B.T.

Here are a few that inspired me in writing this blog:

Ted Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth
Check out Dr. Duckworth's 12-item Grit Scale
What if the Secret to Success is Failure? by Paul Tough


Paula Mullally demonstrating "grit" and some sweet back muscles


Workout of the Day

A: 10 min alt EMOM
A1. Deadlift x8; 2020 tempo
A2. Seated DB Press x8; 2020 tempo

B. For time;
400m run
40x Russian KB Swings
40x Sit Ups
200m Run
20x Russian KB Swings
20x Sit Ups
100m Run
10x Russian KB Swings
10x Sit Ups

Ax4; 3 position power snatch;
Hang, Below Knee, Floor

B1. Snatch Grip Halting Deadlift x5, rest 30 sec
B2. Weighted Ab-Mat Sit Ups x10-12 reps, rest 30 sec

C. For time;
400m run [high effort]
30x KB Swings [heavy]
20x Toes to Bar
10x Power Snatch (135/155 - 95/105)

Social Gathering

This Friday marks the completion of our Friday Night Lights Event Series. It's been an incredible experience to see our athletes challenge themselves for the first time in a competitive environment, as well as see leaps of accomplishments form our former participants. It's truly a site to see and satisfying experience for their friends and families.

Over the past 5 weeks we've scored athletes participating in the CF Open qualifier that is comprised of 250+ thousand participants, creating an incredible comparison against other athletes that are your same gender, fitness level, and age. If you ever wanted a first hand look at how you measure up with real time statistical data, look no further.

If you ask me, the FNL series has been most meaningful! We've seen our teams of athletes (Mighty Mights, All Stars, and Disco Ninjas) take to the floor in hopes of earning money for their charities (PACE, Youth Combine, and Tylers Hope), as well as earning bonus points for workout performance and lifestyle points. It's an incredible way to build relationships with great people and use your fitness in a meaningful way.

Please join us this Friday night the 27th at 5:30pm for our finale and post event social gathering. We'll have food, drinks, and games to play so come spend some quality time with the coolest people on the planet!

I hope to see you there!!!

Coach Adrien representing the Disco Ninja's (Team Orange)

Workout of the Day


A1. Front Squat x5 reps; 31x1 tempo, rest 30 sec
A2. Strict Chin Ups x5 reps [partner assisted as needed], rest 60 sec

B. 3 sets;
1 min on, 30 sec off;
Row for Cal
Hand Release Burpees
Box Step/Jump Over [height as needed]


Ax5; One set every 90 sec for 8 sets
Front Squat; 2 reps x 50, 60, 70, 80, 80-85 across,

B. For time;
30x Row for Cal
30x Burpee Box Jump Over
30x DB Thruster
-rest 3 min

20x Row for Cal
20x Burpee Box Jump Over
20x DB Thruster

-rest 2 min
10x Row for Cal
10x Burpee Box Jump Over
10x DB Thruster

Score is total time. Knowing the pace on the rower is important for Friday.

Train your Mind, Train your Body, Train your Soul!

Ever hit a point in a workout where it felt like your body is totally shutting down? Most of us have. Now let me ask you another question. Do you think that sensation is really your body shutting down or your mind? If you said your mind then ding, ding, ding you are correct! The human body is very good at avoiding pain, that's why when we put our bodies in uncomfortable situations we try anything we can to get back into our comfort zone.

Mental toughness is something that people aren't born with. It is acquired after tedious attempts of sustaining time outside of your comfort zone. In training, this means more reps, heavier weight, faster times, and overall physical ability. You must learn to get comfortable in fatigue and embrace the pain that exercise presents.

Everybody has different individual pain thresholds, so it may be harder for others to push past that initial shock phase. However, the key to mental training is being positive no matter what. No matter how hard it is. The first mistake people make when they reach that point is to say "I can't". Firstly of all "can't" is the worst word in the dictionary and it should never be used when describing one's ability. Secondly, you have just predetermined failure by saying that and embedding a "loser" mentality in your head at the most critical time.

Pushing your limits under the supervision of a qualified coac, trains your body and mind to adapt to the stress being presented so you will be mentally and physically prepared to complete the task at hand.

In conclusion, I am not saying you don't need to listen to your body and push yourself so hard to where you get rhabdo or tear a muscle. I just think we as humans are very resilient, and our bodies mold depending on that resiliency and perseverance. Mental toughness doesn't just show in training but life in general. I think sometimes we set ourselves up short for what we are capable of all because of a mental block.

So next time you are at that critical time in a work out remember to stay positive, breathe, and embrace the moment because soon it will be over and you will have gotten stronger and mentally tougher!! Train your mind, train your body, train your soul!


Kara breathing through the discomfort in 15.3


Workout of the Day


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