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Strive to FAIL 

Failure is a valuable tool if used correctly. As athletes we are taught how to strategize our workouts, how to test the "Red Zone" boundaries, and how to pace, but when is the last time you TRIED TO FAIL at the gym?

Sometimes we get so comfortable with our aerobic and strength zones that we rarely push the boundaries in fear of failing.

For instance . . . Have you ever had a workout that you made a general plan ahead of time based on how you usually feel. Maybe you planned out how many reps you are going to do, how much rest time, or the weight you were going to use in order to get done the quickest . . .. you had a plan. That plan tell you that if you stick to your guidelines you will probably be the most efficient you, and finish with a good time?

....Makes sense and 9 times out of 10 you are right! We want you to have body awarenenss, know its capabilities, and train smart, but that 10% window is CRUCIAL to your development as an athlete.

When you feel like you finishing all of the workouts and you think . . . "that wasn't so bad" You may be plateauing,maybe it is time for you to give yourself a Fail Test.

When you get this feeling for 2 or more weeks it is time to take the Challenge:
1 week of intended Failure

What I mean by that is to throw away your planning that week (not your form and technique), and push yourself a little farther than usual. The outcome may be that you Redline 2 minutes into a 5 minute workout, DNF, OR you may surprise yourself and end up getting so many more consecutive reps or rounds than you typically would. This week is about pushing your boundaries and accepting that you may not finish a workout because you are testing different intensities or loads. No one will judge you, and you will reap the benefits. . . well you will reap the benefits only if you LEARN from each "failure". Failing is great because you can learn so much about how to adjust for next time.

L - Learn
I - Implement
F - Fail
E - Evaluate





Alphabet Soup

Rest 2 min after each set is complete
A. Run 200m
B. 10x Jumping Pull Ups
C. 50' Bear Crawl
D. 10x Walking Lunges [10 each leg, 20 total]
E. 100x Jump Rope


What is your Favorite Color?

Despite knowing that I SHOULD be eating MORE veggies and fruits,  I have a hard time knowing just how much and what kinds.  The plethora of nutrition podcasts and articles are confusing too.  I am often left with more questions than answers.
Is organic produce better for you?  Is our soil so depleted that we are not getting all the nutrients we need from veggies?  Which fruits have more sugar?  Is my daily spinach shake providing me enough veggies for the day?   Cue the head explosion.    
Putting some of that noise aside, we can attempt to simplify the veggie eating experience by tasting the rainbow.  That’s right, eat your colors.  Colors are associated with specific phytonutrients that keep you healthy and strong.  Some nutrition experts recommend you consume at least one cup of each color every day.  The primary colors are: green, red, purple/blue, yellow/orange, and white.  So folks, you should consume five cups of vegetables and fruits every day.  
Check out this fantastic infographic by Precision Nutrition: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/color-chart with more details on phytonutrients, color groups, and how to get your five cups in.
If you are like me, you are probably not quite getting enough.  It may take some effort in the beginning to start noticing the colors that you are eating.   Here’s a challenge for you: Keep a food journal for one week.  At the end of the week, color code your produce and see how you measure-up.  Post your color-coded journal to Facebook and tag me or send via e-mail on Tuesday, August 11th and I’ll give you a free Green CFG t-shirt.  
Note: Skittles do not count towards eating the rainbow here! 

Workout of the Day

A1. DB Hang Power Snatch x5 reps each arm
A2. Broad Jump x5 - reset each jump. 
Bx5. 1 min on per station, rest 1 min after both stations are complete 
Row for Cal
Wall Ball
A. Back Squat 
Build up to 90%, then at 90% 3-3-AMRAP, rest about 3 min between sets
B. 10 min AMRAP; 
200m run
25x Russian KBS heavy
15x CtB Pull Ups

Muscle Trigger Points AKA Knots

Have you experienced your muscles knotted or a pointed pain feeling?  It's not uncommon to hear athletes belt out or cringe on the foam roller when they come across these built up muscle fibers commonly known as trigger points or knots.  

"Trigger points are specific "knots" that form in muscles. They are unique and can be identified because they will refer pain. Pain referral, for our purposes, can most easily be described as the pain felt when pressure is applied to one area of the body, but the pain is felt or radiated in another area.

A common example of a trigger point is felt while foam rolling your iliotibial (IT) band as it causes pain to radiate up to the hip or all the way down the leg to the ankle. 

Deep compression helps to break up or relax tight muscles and adhesions formed between muscle layers and their surroundings. Imagine you are tenderizing your own muscles. They should be soft and supple like a baby's muscles. However, if our muscles are not taken care of properly we can experience loss of flexibility, adhesions, and painful movement.

The deep compression of self-myofascial release allows normal blood flow to return to the muscle and the restoration of healthy tissue. The body naturally wants to be healthy and strong, but sometimes an extra boost is needed to achieve optimal muscle and tissue health."

Learn more about foam rolling and muscle adhesions- http://breakingmuscle.com/mobility-recovery/what-is-a-foam-roller-how-do-i-use-it-and-why-does-it-hurt


Stretched, Contracted and Healthy Muscle Tissue

Workout of the Day

Deadlift x5; 3030 tempo, rest 60-90 sec, working up in weight

B1. DB Bent Over Row x8; 30x1, rest 30 sec
B2. Hollow Rock x12, rest 30 sec

C. 10 min AMRAP
10x Russian KBS
8x No Push Up Burpee


10 min Alt EMOM;
A1. Power Clean; x1 rep, working up to about 80% of 1RM
A2. HSPU x5 reps, ADAP

B. 8 min alt EMOM
B1. Power Clean; 1.1.1 [rest 5-10 sec between reps] at 80%
B2. Kipping HSPU x8-10

C. 8 min Alt EMOM;
C1. Barbell Glute/Hip Bridge x5 reps
C2. Handstand Hold x45 seconds [against wall or freestanding]

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