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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness


Let's imagine that Strength and Conditioning is a kingdom. A vast empire full of exercises, concepts, theories, and methods. This kingdom can be very controversial which causes many feuds among its' citizens (strength coaches/ fitness enthusiasts/ you etc). So, what is a kingdom without royalty to keep it in order? Anarchy.... but since this is only an analogy, let's just say plateau!! Deadlifts and squats are the known royalty of Strength and Conditioning. Both provide great stimulus for strength gains and mental toughness, but the squat is the superior of the two. So with that said, the Deadlift is the Prince of Strength and the squat is the King!

Why Squat?
Being able to squat properly is among an athlete's first objectives in any training program. A proper (full) squat demonstrates good ankle dorsiflexion, hip flexion, thoracic extension, and glute activation, all of which are crucial when it comes to overall movement quality, and quality of life. This is why squat variations serve as the pinnacle exercise to indicate dysfunction or imbalance in an athlete's movement. So whether the goal is to improve performance in your chosen sport, build legs the size of California, or shed those last few (or thirty) pounds of fat off your frame, squats are an integral component of any well-rounded program.

Variation is Key
Once an athlete demonstrates the proper joint kinematics and core strength to complete a proper squat, one can start loading (adding weight) the movement and using variations to build strength. Whether you are a novice trying to build strength or an experienced lifter trying to get over that plateau, using different variations of the squat and becoming more proficient at the movement can assist in your goals.

With the majority of athletes having significantly weaker posterior chains (hamstrings/glutes/ back) one of the most beneficial variations of the squat is the box squat. Rather than just getting to a depth, the box emphasizes "sitting" back and engaging those posterior muscles. This type of squat is not only great for building posterior chain strength but for developing explosive strength out the bottom of your squat.

When you do a back squat and you torpedo yourself down at a rapid speed and immediately ascend up from the bottom, you are utilizing what is called the "stretch reflex cycle". This cycle allows for your muscles to use built up elastic energy to propel yourself up. When you do a box squat, this cycle is inhibited by forcing you to move the load from a dead stop position which requires you to use more fast twitch muscle fibers (your explosive starters). By developing these fast twitch fibers in the posterior chain your squat has no where else to go but sky high.

To sum up, the box squat can be used for novice squatters getting used to sitting back and working proper pattern mechanics or for the advanced athlete looking to build more posterior chain and explosive strength from the bottom of their squat. When trying to develop strength, you can't go wrong with the king and its variants. As long as you address known muscle dysfunction or imbalances within your training routine to reach optimal position in this strength builder, the King will be very generous to you and your body! For more info on how to perform a proper box squat check out the video.



Click on the Picture to Watch the Video!

Workout of the Day


A1. Deadlift x5; 2020, 30 sec
A2. 30 seconds double under work, rest 60 sec

B. 3 rounds, 1 min per station, rest 1 min after all 3


1.Russian KB Swing
2.Box Jump + Step Down [low & safe]
3.Row for Cal



A1. Power Clean x3 reps
A2. Burpees x10

B. 4 min AMRAP, rest 2 min, 4 min AMRAP

10x Power Clean (135/95)
10x CtB Pull Ups

10x Shoulder to Overhead
10x Box Jump (24/20)


Testing Week Is Coming!

I'm excited to announce that our re-testing week is almost here! Testing week will kick off of the week of Monday, January 12th through Sunday the 18th.

We utilize workout testing to measure and assess several aspects of your training, such as:

  • Personal goal accomplishments
  • Check points to evaluate progress
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of our workout programming for the Health and Performance programs
  • Measure the Impact of our class coaching and athlete instruction
  • Helps us adjust future workout programming to improve gaps in training or noticiable deficiencies

We encourage you compare your old workout tests performed on the week of November 10th, 2014 against your new workout performances next week.  Each day will represent a benchmark workout that will reveal feedback in your fitness.

We've made record keeping and workout reflection easy with electronic workout tracking. Here's how to use it.

  1. Log in to Zen Planner on your phone- https://crossfitgainesville.sites.zenplanner.com (Don't forget to save the site to your phone homescreen for regular use)
  2. Select Daily Workout- To Log your testing performance results.
  3. Select My Profile/Manage Results- To see and compare your previous performance results.


 Screen shots of a performance comparisons and the health programs 3RM front squat numbers!

Workout of the Day


Ax4; Front Squat; 30x1 x5 reps; working up to a good set of 5 reps on tempo.

B. 3 min AMRAP, 1 min off x3 sets; MAP [max aerobic power]
10x Wall Ball
12x Sit Ups


A. Back Squat; One set every 2 min for 12 min, work up to a heavy set of 3 reps.

B. 2 min on, 2 min off x3; high effort each set.
200m sprint + 5x heavy front squat [60% + remaining time is max rep double unders.
Score is max rep double unders



Every day is a chance to do and be better

We often make grand plans and set big goals this time of year. This practice certainly has value. Growth stems from reflecting on past successes and failures, recognizing mistakes, and then taking action to improve and change what wasn't working for you. It is a chance to dream big, imagine who you want to be and what you want your life to look like.

Don't let your desire to change die when you experience a setback or two...or three...or....

Something about the way most of our brains are wired makes us focus on the negatives and problems. You may have a bad day, you didn't eat as well as you should or perform as well as you should have on an exam. You beat yourself up terribly, throw your hands in the air and resign yourself to failure. When faced with a challenge or a setback we often think, "well this just sucks." Don't get me wrong.  It very well may suck. However, if we focus instead on possibilities and solutions, we can begin to plant the seeds for positive change.

What are you going to do about it? Past is past. Note it, analyze it, learn from it, move on! Every day we have the opportunity to do and be better. Each day we have the opportunity to change or improve something. What will you do today to make tomorrow better? These daily improvements and changes accumulate over time to produce big results.

Every day better and always better together!


Workout of the Day


Ax5; Back Squat x3 reps; 30x2, rest 90 sec 
B. 12 min AMRAP; 
10x KB Front Squat
10x KB Swing
50m KB Farmers Walk 
*Every time you put the KB Down, it’s a 20 second plank penalty. 


Ax5 sets
A1. Squat Cleans; 1x Hang [above knee], 1x Floor, rest 30 sec
A2, Handstand Hold; accumulate 20-30 sec each round, rest 60

B. 21-15-9, reps for time
Power Clean (115/75)
Burpees Over Bar

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