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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

I need help!

This weekend is IT! The Swamp Challenge!

We have about 50 teams signed up and ready to take on the 5k with obstacles through the Austin Carey Forest but, I need help!
I need obstacle marshals aka BURPEE Marshals, registration/check-in marshals, parking marshals, and clean-up marshals! You guys know I like to be organized but you also know that I'm not going to be able to run that 5k with every team to make sure they make it through the obstacles! So grab a buddy and sign-up here to come out and be a part of a great event with a great community! I mean, you even get a t-shirt!

Flippin' tires! The volley ball team showing us how it's done! Both the tire and the flippers will be at the Swamp Challenge this weekend!

Workout of the Day


A1. 2x Hang Snatch High Pull + 2x Hang Power Snatch, rest 30 sec
A2. Ring Row x8; 21x1, rest 30 sec

B. 3 rounds
1 min per station, rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete
-Slam Ball
-Hand Release Push Ups
-Row for Cal


A. 3 Position Power Clean; One set every 2 min for 10 min
high hang, below knee, floor, unbroken

B1. Strict HSPU - AMRAP -2 reps [just short of failure, but go for big sets]rest 30 sec
B2. RDL x5; 2020, (advanced: feet on plates to increase ROM *back angle must be perfect) rest 30 sec

C. 5 min AMRAP
500m Row;
remaining time is Wall ball
score=total wall ball + 500m split

Safety First!

It has come to our attention that parking outside the lines on the small section between CFG and Kinetic is a potential accident waiting to happen. It has been increasingly difficult to see traffic and get out of the driveways safely.  We know sometimes parking can be a hassle, but a little extra walking could prevent an accident and give you a few extra moments to enjoy the outdoors!

Please park in one of these four designated areas:

*CFG parking lot
*Inside street parking lanes
*Window Man lot (after 5pm)
*Grass side bank on 12th Ave
***Publix Plaza (Main Street side) is always an option***



Workout of the Day


Ax4-5; Front Squat: sets of 3 reps; 32x1 tempo

5 min on, 2 min off, 5 min on;
100m Run
12x Wall Ball
6x burpee



A1. Back Squat x5 reps;
rest 30 sec
A2. Muscle Up Transition work/Muscle Ups x3-5 reps, rest 60 sec

B. 15-12-9 reps for time
Wall Ball 2 for 1's
CtB Pull Ups

Food 4 Thought...

Have you ever been at a loss for what you want to eat for dinner or feel like you eat the same meals week after week? If not, I bet you're a rockstar in the kitchen or have great work/life balance because I hear frequently that finding time to cook is what holds clients back from starting or maintaining a better diet.

I believe that the lack of planning and meal excitement contributes the most to the drop in motivation to stick it out. After all, we all know the benefits of healthy eating far out weigh the consequences of letting our nutrition slip. I'm afraid the benefits of lean belly fat, stronger arms, more energy, and reduced risk of disease may be wearing off. I know I'm guilty of letting my diet slip from time to time and forget some of the short and long term benefits. But don't worry, I may have a solution for those of us that fall into this lazy state...
As of late, I've found it exciting and energizing to see food (especially healthy food) that is prepared in a way I can't resist. You see, if something looks great in a picture then it has been more motivating to shop for specific ingredients, plan a few food prep hours on my weekends, and anticipate the new staple meals in my week.

So, where can you see for your self all these tantalizing and mouth watering meals? Wait for it... Pintrest (If your not in the know ... consider this an open invite to give it try, Guys this means you too...)  

Feel free to check out some of mine and Steph's favorites here- https://www.pinterest.com/cmthorndike/food/


Workout of the Day


A1. Deadlift x5; 2020, rest 30 sec - heavier than previous week
A2. Double Under Practice, 30 seconds for technique, rest 30 sec

B. For time;
100x Jump Rope Passes
25x KB Swings
80x Jump Rope Passes
15x KB Swings
60x Jump Rope Passes
15x KB Swings
40x Jump Rope Passes
10x KB Swings
20x Jump Rope Passes
5x KB Swings


A. Power Snatch; 1 rep every minute for
10 sets

B. 10 min Time priority "Annie" [aerobic power/muscle endurance]
- score is total reps]
2 min Double Under
2 min Sit Ups
90 sec double unders
90 sec sit ups
60 sec double unders
60 sec sit ups
30 sec double unders
30 sec sit ups

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