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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Did you know?

We're extremely passionate about continuous learning in our classes and for our staff! We find learning is a core belief that keeps our coaching team well trained and effective at delivering the right tools that help you get to where you want to go in fitness.

Our classes are designed to be educational, fun, and effective at delivering results. In fact, we often challenge many of you to define training terminology, explain a tempo, or even demonstrate proper mechanics for the class.

We don't have it all figured out, but know we're motivated to helping you succeed, committed to taking the right steps for solutions to your goals, and couldn't be more proud to be a part of your fitness journey!

Here's a peak into one of the way's we're taking continuous training to the next level for professional coaches...

PCD Discussions

Workout of the Day


A. Back Squat @ 20X1, 5-7 reps x 3 sets, 1-2 min
B1. Romanian DL @ 30X1, 6-8 reps x 3 sets, 1 min
B2. Bar Dips @ 20X1, 4-6 reps x 3 sets, 1 min
C. Plank Holds @ 20 sec x 8 sets, 40 sec


3 sets:
7-10 C2B Pull-Ups
7-10 Clapping Push-Ups
250m Row
2 min rest
5 min rest
3 sets:
5 HSPU (kipping or Strict)
7 fast Burpees (no jump)
250m Row
2 min rest

HalloWod is Coming!

Each year CFG is haunted by ghosts and goblins looking to take over our gym! Please help us fend off these creatures and many more by attending our HalloWod Halloween workout Thursday, October 30th at 6:30pm.

Costumes are encouraged and this is a free class to attend for those dressing the part.  The workout will be team oriented, fun filled, and one you don't want to miss.

Super Hero's...

Workout of the Day


A. 2 pos. Hang Power Snatch, (mid-thigh, below knee) 2 reps x 5 sets, 1 min
Row 150m @ 95-97% effort x 6 sets, 2 min
EMOM for 8 minutes:
4 Wtd. Dips (Modify with Push-Up Progressions)
4 Wtd. Pull-Ups (Modify with Strict Pull-up Progressions)


A. Hang Power Clean. Power Clean. Split Jerk, 1.1.1 x 3 sets, 2 min
B. 4 sets @ moderate aerobic effort:
10 Deadlift (135/95)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
200m Run
rest 2 min b/t sets

Joy of Coaching!

Coaching is such a rewarding job to practice day in and day out. Each athelete and client has their own unique set of objectives and motivations to accomplish within our program. Whether it be personal feedback seen on the classroom floor or behind the scenes working closely on homework guidance the goals all equate to betterment of the individual.

At CFG, we take our Primary Coach roles serious and it's important to us that you have direction and a plan through your training. So, if you're looking for guidance and accountability on your personal goals, please reach out to your primary coach today!

We can help with:

  • Nutrition focus
  • Skill progressions (pull-up, double unders, Olympic Lifting, workout education)
  • Lifestyle
  • Training Program Direction

Gene on pronated pull-ups!


Workout of the Day


10 minutes @ Moderate effort:
Run 200m
15 KBS (35/26)
20 Alternating Step Ups
5 minute rest
10 minutes @ 75% effort:
Row 250m
15 Box Jumps - 20" step down
15 Unanchored Sit-Ups


A. Squat Snatch, 1.1.1 x 3 sets, 2 min - all tough sets
B. Front Squat @ 20X1, 3-2-1-3-2-1, 2 min, heavier on second wave
C. 5 Rounds @ moderate effort:
5-7 C2B Pull-Ups
5-7 Kipping HSPU
10-12 Hand Release Push Ups
- rest 1 minute b/t sets

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