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"That Sh$t's for Real Yo!"

WLC Wrap-up

Keeping up with a lifestyle challenge for eight consecutive weeks is no easy task. Many of us faltered, regrouped, or fell off entirely (guilty). However, I have seen some amazing transformations over the past eight weeks from just about all of the participants from CFG.

It is not just about doing more burpees and losing inches, though that definitely happened and is AWESOME. It is about improving your overall quality of life and creating better habits that will have you looking and feeling better for your entire life. Imagine yourself as that 85 year old that still lives independently and can keep up with her many grand kids or still takes exciting trips around the world.

And the moment you have all been waiting for! We are excited to crown Michael Andreu and Lisa Ingram as the King and Queen of the Whole Life Challenge 2015. To help them continue on their journey, we have ordered them some sweet new product. The SFH Fuel that is on their way will provide them with some added energy in those moments when all that is available are chips and soda. Then they can easily say, "No thanks! I have got my own Fuel."

I wanted to share Michael's feedback from his experience with the WLC this year:

I had blood panels completed prior to and after the challenge. Before the challenge just about every metric was not normal on the bad side. Last week the results were very different. Nearly every metric was normal. Huge change from this not only in weight loss and more burpees, but in my blood composition. That shit's for real yo'. 

We could not be prouder of our WLC participants and all of their accomplishments. If you missed the WLC this year, do not fret! It is never to late to create your own challenge by yourself or with friends and family. Set a goal and reach out to your coach and community for support!


Lisa, Michael and others playing Sharks and Minnows at the WLC Finale


Workout of the Day


"Filthy Fifty"

For time:
50 Box jumps (24/20)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (35lbs)
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, (45/35)
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, (20/14)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders
A. Jump Rope; 3 sets; 1 min max reps, rest 1 min
Looking for overall coordination + consistent score

B. Aerobic Endurance WOD; Mixed Modal
15 min AMRAP; 5 Burpees
                           7 Lunges/leg
                           9 Sit Ups
                           100m run

Naked Rowing Seminar...

Yes, you read that title right! Now, some of you may have been hearing the buzz around the internet about the Naked Rowing Seminars taking place, so I wanted to take a minute to clear up any confusion about our upcoming CFG Rowing Seminars. But, before I do... Do you know the benefits that such a seminar would bring you...?

Try this on for size:

  • Low-impact (easy on the knees and ankles)
  • High calorie burner (because it uses so many muscle groups)
  • Great for joint health (joints move through a wide range of motion)
  • Upper body (completes the stroke)
  • Lower body (the legs initiate the drive)
  • Works the back and abs too!
  • Superb aerobic fitness (great for cardiovascular fitness)
  • Relieves Stress (for overall health and well-being)
  • Improved rowing technique and confidence 
  • Personal feedback and practice points

So, back to the naked part, our upcoming CFG Rowing Seminars this week are perfect for those interested in personal feedback on your rowing technique and confidence in class, but clothing is mandatory, despite what you may have heard on social media!  

For those registered, we'll see you on Thursday the 13th at 6pm here at CFG or Thursday the 20th at 6pm.  If you haven't registered yet, here is the link again- https://crossfitgainesville.sites.zenplanner.com/sign-up-now.cfm.  And remember... clothing is mandatory!

Read the full article featured in the Huffington Post Here- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/31/naked-warwick-rowers_n_6083632.html

Warwick Men's Rowing Team!

Workout of the Day

Testing/Assessment Week


A. Press; In 10 min; Find 1RM Strict Press;
(overall strength progress)
B. 4 min AMRAP; Max Rep KB Swings (53/44, 35/26)
C. Max Plank Hold
1 attempt - off elbows & knees - (focus on good body positioning)


A. Max Time Handstand Hold
(Freestanding for advanced/Against a wall for intermediate)
B. 400m run, rest 3 min x 3 sets
Score is total time
C. Build to 1RM Close Grip Bench Press in 12 min



Whole-Body Travel Friendly Workouts!

I recently found myself traveling yet again. And yet again this came with the question of: “how will I 
maintain my training schedule without CFG?” Of course one of the great things about CrossFit is that 
we can find a friendly box pretty much anywhere we travel; however, schedules and transportation 
options don’t always align so that we can take advantage of a drop in. So what to do then? I must say that 
returning to the typical gym workout that was part of my routine before I discovered CrossFit now carries 
little appeal. I have this nagging need for a planned out, timed workout that involves more than just a 
treadmill. Luckily the internet holds plenty of suggestions for Travel WODs– in fact our own website has 
some nuggets of wisdom under the Media-Downloads tab. However, many of these resources combine 
bodyweight and weight exercises that often require some type of gym equipment (whether it be a pull 
up bar, or a dumbbell). If you saw the hotel gym I had to work with you’d quickly understand why I 
preferred to stay in my room. So here I offer some suggestions for deceptively easy hotel workouts that 
will allow for a CrossFit fix as well as muscle soreness for days to come. 

1) Static holds or Isometric exercises – you’ve recently learned all about these (see blog post from 
11.5.2014). They don’t take very long (though it might feel like they do), require little space, and are 
likely to challenge you in ways you don’t expect:
Pick one or a combination of the following and attempt several sets of 10-30sec (or longer if you 
dare). I went with five sets of 30 sec holds alternating between handstand holds and active squat 
-Handstand holds
-Active Squat hold (i.e. descend into a bottom of a squat while squeezing your glutes and stop 
descending right before you can’t squeeze any longer, then hold that position – your tush should 
burn by the end of this one. Note this isn’t the typical bottom of the squat position where you 
don’t feel your glutes engaging)
-Pistol holds
-Yoga poses apply here as well! 

2) EMOMs (Every minute on the minute): select two of your favorite CrossFit exercises, set a 
reasonable rep range for one minute that you can maintain, and go at it for anywhere from 10 to 20 
minutes. For example, my recent favorite is: 20 min EMOM of 10 pushups on the odd minutes, and 
10 burpees on the even minutes. I’ll be honest, I though this one was easy when I started – so I upped 
the reps to 15...for only two rounds. Enjoy!

3) Crazy #s 
Pick your favorite CrossFit movement and complete 100, or 200, or heck 300 reps. Time this of 
course – never know when the next trip calls for a new PR.

4) What is your favorite Hotel WOD? I know we have quite a few traveling athletes amongst us – 
contribute below for a great reference guide given the upcoming holiday season.

Lisa on Bear Crawls!

Workout of the Day

Testing/Assessment Week


A.Max Rep Ring Row; 1010 tempo x3 sets (upper body pulling muscle endurance)
B.200m run x3 sets, rest 2 min; (Score is total time)
C.Tabata Sit Ups, Lowest reps is Score (Core Endurance)


A. Back Squat; Find 1RM in 15 min
B. 85% of A for max reps, 1 attempt - no more than 1 second pause at top. (Useful for finding appropriate scaling of weights for athletes in WOD's)
C. Strict Pull Ups; Max Reps in 2 min (upper body pulling muscle endurance)
D.Double Unders; Max Reps in 2 min

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