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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Skill Clinic Opportunity

Don't miss out on our Kipping Pull-up Skill Clinic this Thursday!  Get the skills and progressions you need to accomplish your first pull-up or connect more in a row!

 Here's an overview of what to expect if your attending.

The clinic will introduce athletes to the basic terminology, fundamental and skill development drills, as well as technical instruction required to perform the Kipping Pull-up. In addition to the clinic, athletes will be given practice drills to further their skill development. This clinic is for athletes interested in acquiring more knowledge about the strength exercises and process for taking your fitness to the next level.

Upon completion of the kipping skill clinic you will:

  • Understand basic terminology associated with the kip
  • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of strength, positioning, and progressions of the kip
  • Practice skill development drills

Jodi at FNL on Overhead Squats!

Workout of the Day


Ax4 sets;
A1. Strict Chin Ups x5-7 reps; 31A1, rest 30 sec
A2. Hollow Rock positioning/progressions, rest 30 sec

B. WOD: for time;
Row 50x Cal
40x Slam-Ball
30x Russian KB Swing
20x Pull Ups

finish with mobility


A. Power Clean; 1 rep every minute on the minute for 10 min;
working up in weight, to a daily max.


B. For time - and change your own weights [7 min cap]

10x Power Clean 55% of 1RM [today’s max]

10x Power Clean 65% of 1RM

10x Power Clean 75% of 1RM

C. Row; 10 cal hard row, rest 2 min x3

Olympic Lifts: Maximizing your Power & Fine Tuning your Start

I think everyone would agree that the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and their derivatives are very technical exercises that require a high level of technique, precision, and body positioning. Adequate strength and power are very important prerequisites that need to be developed prior to diving head first into these movements. We all have an idea of what strength is, but what exactly is power? First off, yes, power is different from strength.

Strength is the ability to produce maximal force against an object or resistance independent of time, distance, or velocity. Power is how fast you can produce that force. So the primary difference of strength and power is time. If you take two dynamic sport athletes (football, basketball, soccer, hockey,etc.) with the same strength ability, the athlete with the ability to display the most force at the highest rate of speed is the athlete who will win.PERIOD. Speed kills.PERIOD. Now that we got that out of the way, it is safe to continue.

With CrossFit being more fitness oriented it is heavily focused on the rate of work production, not necessarily the rate of force production. Its a lot different doing thirty snatches in a workout at 95 LBS than doing eight snatches in work out working up to 275LBs or heavier. One method is more focused on an endurance adaptation with increasing levels of fatigue, the other requires a lot more rest in between sets to maximize power output.These are two different metabolic adaptations. This means that doing "power exercises" in an endurance format programs your body to ultimately never hit max power.

With that said it is important that CrossFit athletes take time off from heavy endurance training and focus solely on increasing their power/force production not only to be able to PR but to prevent injury.This doesn't mean doing heavy olympic lifts everyday, of course those lifts have their place, but adding different power modalities in your routine such as depth jumps, sprints, plyometrics, and weighted jumps. CFG has created the opportunity for you to have this focus through the new Olympic Lifting Program.


Like I said before, the Olympic lifts require a combination of technical skill and the appropriate strength and power. Technique can arguably be the most important factor with these movements. This is why the best of the best lifters (Professional Olympic Lifters) start at a very young age perfecting their technique. However, with the majority of people reading this not being professional olympic lifters, but very avid learners and some very skilled athletes, the following information can help fine tune technique and increase your power in both lifts.
Watch Video.


Workout of the Day



I Eats Me Spinach

How is everybody doing with their lifestyle challenges? This week you are supposed to be proving encouragement to 3 people in your life.

Coming up next week, we challenge you to prepare and eat a veggie that you have never tried before! Vegetables are PACKED with vitamins, minerals and healthy carbohydrates. Ever since I saw what spinach did for Popeye, I have been hooked. Raw spinach contains: protein, magnesium, potassium, Iron and Vitamins B-6, B-12, C, and A.

Next week, post a picture your veggie on FaceBook and tag CrossFit Gainesville for a chance to win some cool prizes on Friday March 20th. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a life long love for veggies. Remember Popeye's wise words, "I am strong to the finish, 'cause I eats me spinach."


Imagine what Popey could achieve with fresh spinach!


Workout of the Day


Ax3-4; Hang Power Snatch x3 + OHS x3
B1. KB Walking Lunge x5 steps each leg, rest 30 sec
B2. DB Bent Over Row x5 each arm, rest 30 sec
C. Row 1k for time


A1. Handstand Walk progressions; 30 seconds
A2. Turkish Get Ups x2-3 each arm,
A3. Pistol Progressions x4-6 reps each leg

B. 1x through for time

800m run, rest 1 min
750m row, rest 1 min
400m run, rest 1 min
350m row, rest 1 min
200m run, rest 1 min
100m row

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