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question-iconChoosing the right place to train is a serious decision. Know all the facts before you commit. We've made it easy for you.

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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Youth Combine Recognition!

I'm proud to play role in growing Youth Combine's cause to help kids learn about fitness and use it as an avenue for a better life.

I can't thank CrossFit Gainesville's community enough for stepping up and building awareness and donating needed funds to help improve these kids lives.

Please read our involvement in helping jump start YC's initiatives in their latest blog here- http://youthcombine.com/

You can join our cause by:

  1. Checking-in through FB at every CFG workout!
  2. Donate Directly to Youth Combine at http://youthcombine.com/


Workout of the Day


25 minutes @ 75% effort

500m Row
30 KBS (35/26)
20 Unanchored Sit-Ups
10 Walking lunges
400m Run


4 sets @ high effort:
8-10 clapping push-ups
200m Run
rest 90 sec b/t sets
5 min rest
3 sets @ high effort
15 Burpees
500m Row
rest 2 min b/t sets

To The Stubborn Ones

I like to joke that exercise is my addiction – and as far as addictions go, it's a pretty

good one to have. However, there certainly can be a negative side to even this typically

positive past time. It often creeps up when we're in pain, yet continue to push through

it and not adjust our training routine. Sure, muscle soreness is part of the package and

often a welcome one, but that is not what I am referring to in this case. It's the shoulder,

back, knee, or (insert body part) pain that slowly builds as we continue to ignore it over

the days, weeks, or sometimes even months, and one that eventually prevents us from

carrying out the exercise routine we are accustomed to. Sometimes this precedes a

serious injury and sometimes it follows our attempted recovery from one. As I am very

much one of these stubborn ones, I wanted to share some of the guidelines I acquired

through my quality time spent in physical therapy. I hope they will help you decipher/

acknowledge just how serious the issue may be. If the answer to any of the below is

Yes, then there is no more room for thought – stop doing the specific exercises that


On a scale of 1-10 is the pain above a 2-3?

Does the pain increase as you work out?

Although the pain goes away while you work out, are you in more pain the next day as a


Often, time off is the best medicine. But if that doesn't suffice, a conversation with your

primary coach, a physical therapist, and yes, even a doctor is your next step. If some

time away does the trick, great! But discuss the issue with your primary coach anyway

– you're likely to receive advice on accessory exercises that will assure you never deal

with the same issue again.

Gene and Erik spending some quality time rowing...

Workout of the Day


A1. Romanian DL, @ 40X1, 2-3 reps x 3 sets, 2 min
A2. Medium Grip BP @ 20X1, 2 reps x 3 sets, 2 min
Map - Singles
5 sets @ 75-80% effort:
30 sec Deadlifts (95/65)
30 sec rest
30 sec DB Push Press (25/15) - slow reps
30 sec rest
30 sec Rowing
30 sec rest


A. Power Snatch Cluster, 1.1 x 3 sets, 2 min
– moderate loading, no failing
B. Front Squat @ 20X1, 2-2-2, 2 min – all tough sets
C. EMOM x 16 minutes
1st – 5-7 Kipping HSPU, adjust depth for difficulty
2nd – 3-5 strict Pull-Ups 

Get Your Move On!


When is that last time you tried a new form of movement? Or perhaps it has been years since you took a dance class, hiked or rock climbed? I can’t remember the last time I went dancing or took a capoeira class, though I am sure I’d feel much better if I did!

As the weather get’s cooler, consider adding some fun and new ways to move into your life. Rest days from your CrossFit or other training regimen are the perfect opportunities to get out in the community or nature and get a move on! What local activities outside of CrossFit do you participate in?

You might try:

Rock Climbing

Walking Paine’s Prairie

Salsa Lessons


Brian Harfe and Coach Kathy Salsa Dancing at last year's Holiday Party


Workout of the Day



A1. Front Rack BB Split Squat @ 30X1, 3-4 reps x 3 sets, 1:30 min
A2. Strict Pronated Pull-Up cluster, 1.1.1 x 3 sets, 60 sec
(Use partner for assistance, not bands)
B. Unanchored Sit-Ups, 20 sec AMRAP x 8 sets, 10 sec
3 x 1250m Row @ 75% effort, 3 min


DL/HSPU intense + BSq staminia/PU CP
A. Deadlift, quickly build to a tough set of 5
B1. Back Squat, @ 32X1, 3 reps x 3 sets, 3 min
B2. Wtd. Pronated Pull-Up Cluster 1.1.1 x 3 sets, 3 min
C. HSPU, AMRAP x 3 sets, 1 m




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