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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Who Should Participate in Friday Night Lights?

You, yes, you!  It doesn’t matter if you have been at CFG for 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.  Each person adds to the energy and fun, no matter what their ability level.  This year, Friday Night Lights is more about challenging yourself at whatever level you are at, supporting the community, and HAVING FUN!!!
We need you on our team!  We will have three in house teams this year lead by Aimee (All-Stars), Danielle (Disco Ninjas), and Miguel (Mighty Mights).  You get points for your team for just participating!  That is right, you help out by just showing up.  
We are also really excited to work with local organizations this year.  Each week teams will raise funds to support a local organization.  So far, we have the Pace Center for Girls and Youth Combine on board.  Make it a goal to raise $20-$50 each week for your team.  This is as simple as getting someone to pledge just pennies per rep you complete :-)
If scheduling is difficult for you, don’t give up yet!  We can accommodate you with earlier or later heats.
This is your chance to meet new people, have a TON of fun, challenge yourself, and do something meaningful for your community.  I can’t think of a reason not to do it.  
Don’t wait too long! Register by February 4th to get a t-shirt with your registration.
Nicle Black showing her Spirit and cheering for Erik last year

Workout of the Day


Oly Skill; Hang Power Clean 4x5 reps
B. 3 sets; 1 min on, 30 sec off
1. Slam Ball 
2. Sit Ups
3. 5m shuttle Run [1 point every rep]


A1. Muscle Up Transitional Work x4-5 reps

A2. Handstand Walk; 30 seconds for distance; rest 20-30 sec

A3. Turkish Get Ups x3 each arm, smooth, rest 20-30 sec

B. Row 250m, rest 3 min x 4 sets @90% output


Back to the Future!

Nope, no hover boards here! Just a little editing on your favorite social media site to make your life easier! Check out the Workout Of the Day and Schedule/Calendar tabs added to the top of the CFG facebook page. Also, all workouts are now posted online in your member account for you to log your results and, if you poke around a bit you may find you can see what's coming.... ;)

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.41.03 PM            Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.41.20 PM

Nick, super excited about our new FB pages!

Workout Of the Day


A) 4-5 Sets
A1) Overhead Squat 4-5 reps, 30sec rest
A2) Push-ups 10 reps, 30sec rest

B) 12min AMRAP, rest 40sec after each round
9 DB Thrusters
7 Burpees
5 Pull-ups
40sec rest


A. Deadlift; One set every 2 min for 12 min; Touch & go, no dropping from top
Set 1 – 10 reps - 50% of 1RM
Set 2 – 10 reps - 60%
Set 3 – 10 reps - 65%
Set 4 – 8 reps - 70%
Set 5 – 6 reps -80%

B. L-Sit hold;
Max combined of 2 attempts;

C. 3 Rounds for time;
400m run
15x KB Swings
50x Double Unders


Where is CrossFit taking you this year?

Recently I have had some great conversations with members about new and exciting events they are trying this year. Evan Stern is attempting his first Go Ruck and Alex James is competing in her first full Ironman triathlon. One of the main tenets of CrossFit is harnessing the fitness, skills, and mental attitude that you learn inside the gym and applying them to another sport or sporting event outside of the gym.

The options are limitless, especially in Florida. You can consider a running or biking race, triathlon, or adventure race. Or how about participating on a local soccer team or putting together a football team for the CFG Flag Football Tournament at the end of the month? If you haven't ever tried one of these things or haven't done so in a while, 2015 could definitely be your year!

For those of you who have already signed up for an event or have plans to do one, please let us know in the comments below. Who knows? You just might inspire someone to join you or you might find some awesome CFG members cheering you on in the crowd!


Tim finishing 48.6 miles at the 2015 Disney race weekend

Workout of the Day


Skill; Deadlift 5x5; 2020 tempo, 
One set every 2 min for 10 min
WOD; 5 rounds for max reps
1 min Box Jump/Step Overs 
1 min KB swings
Rest 1 min active; 
16 min EMOM; 8 sets at each station
A1. Front Squat x2 reps;
Load; 50%, 60, 70, 80-85% for 5 remaining sets 
A2. HSPU x6

B. 4 sets for max reps;
40 seconds Push Press 95/65#
40 seconds Pull ups (CtB/ muscle ups)
40 seconds Wall Ball
rest 1 min;

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