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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Are you using your fitness?

I don't mean in the gym, I mean in life.

Spring has sprung in Florida, at least for now, and there are tons of things to do! Take some time, grab some friends, and head outside! Try out a round of Disc Golf, rent a kayak, bike the Hawthorne Trail, get a group together for some ultimate laser tag, or something as simple as going for a walk! Talk about your plans in the gym and be sure to invite your fellow CFG-ers and coaches. Ultimately, we are all here so that we can live a full, happy, and active life! Don't let yourself be sucked inside when it's so nice outside!


Coach Danielle having some fun outside the gym!

Workout Of the Day


Ax4-5 sets; 2x Hang Power Clean + 2x Power Clean
Rest 60-90 sec after each set

Rowing technique

B. 3 rounds; 1 min per station, rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete

2 DB Hang Power Clean
Sit Ups/Lemon Squeezers
Row for Cal


Ax4; Strict Chin Up x5, rest 30 sec

B. For time x2, rest 5 min between sets
Row 40 Cal
30x KB Swing
20x DB Shoulder to Overhead
10x CtB Pull Up

Rest 5 min, repeat - match scores from set 1 & set 2

The Stakes are High!

All right All-Stars, Disco Ninjas, Mighty Mights and their supporters.  It is go time.  This Friday we will award 100 points to the team with the most fans at Friday Night Lights!  Your fans should show their support by wearing your team colors.  Matt Nations, our appointed Spirit Master, will judge a cheer contest for the fans around 6:30pm. 
Let’s see who can draw the biggest crowd and gain 100 bonus points for their team!

Rosie Wimsett has Team Spirit!


Workout of the Day


Ax4; Front Squat + Push Press; working up in weight for technique, rest 90 sec after each
5x Front Squat + 5x Push Press [all 5 fsq, then all 5 ppr] working up in weight

B. 4 min on, 2 min off x3 

B1. 5x DB Thruster, 5x Burpee
B2. 4x Box Step Over, 4x Burpee
B3. 3x hanging knee raises/t2b, 3x Burpee


A.Front Squat + Split Jerk;
one rep every 90 sec for 12 min

B. Thruster + Burpee EMOM; 10 min
From the ground; Every minute for 10 min;
7x Thruster, 7x Burpee, rest remaining time (100/65)

C. 40x Burpee Box Jump Over for time [5 min cap]

Skill Clinic Opportunity

Don't miss out on our Kipping Pull-up Skill Clinic this Thursday!  Get the skills and progressions you need to accomplish your first pull-up or connect more in a row!

 Here's an overview of what to expect if your attending.

The clinic will introduce athletes to the basic terminology, fundamental and skill development drills, as well as technical instruction required to perform the Kipping Pull-up. In addition to the clinic, athletes will be given practice drills to further their skill development. This clinic is for athletes interested in acquiring more knowledge about the strength exercises and process for taking your fitness to the next level.

Upon completion of the kipping skill clinic you will:

  • Understand basic terminology associated with the kip
  • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of strength, positioning, and progressions of the kip
  • Practice skill development drills

Jodi at FNL on Overhead Squats!

Workout of the Day


Ax4 sets;
A1. Strict Chin Ups x5-7 reps; 31A1, rest 30 sec
A2. Hollow Rock positioning/progressions, rest 30 sec

B. WOD: for time;
Row 50x Cal
40x Slam-Ball
30x Russian KB Swing
20x Pull Ups

finish with mobility


A. Power Clean; 1 rep every minute on the minute for 10 min;
working up in weight, to a daily max.


B. For time - and change your own weights [7 min cap]

10x Power Clean 55% of 1RM [today’s max]

10x Power Clean 65% of 1RM

10x Power Clean 75% of 1RM

C. Row; 10 cal hard row, rest 2 min x3

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