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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Swamp Challenge call to action!

What are you doing June 7th? It's a Sunday. It's the Swamp Challenge! 6th annual!

The Swamp Challenge started out as an almost impromptu obstacle course for CFG members at The Swamp. I say impromptu because we didn't schedule it with UF, just showed up, set up, and had a blast! Back then I was a member at CFG and I participated in the event. Apparently, once I left for France, the Swamp Challenge visited other locations because of scheduling logistics at The Swamp but the overall purpose has stayed the same. The purpose of the Swamp Challenge was, and still is, an event that gives members of CFG a chance to use their fitness outside of the gym, to play, and have fun doing it. So, yes there are physical obstacles and this year even a little bit of mental work but, you got this!.This event is for YOU! We are organizing all of this to show you what you are capable of, how all of this hard work you do in the gym can turn into having a great time with friends outside of the gym. Everybody loves to loose weight and look better naked but things like the Swamp Challenge are the reasons people want to lose weight and look better naked at CFG!

Sign-up now before it's too late!

Last year's men's division winners! Nick might need to get some fast socks like Adrien to hold on to their title!

Workout Of the Day

Ax4; Front Squat; x5 reps; 31x1, rest 60-90 sec, working up in weight

B1. Dips x5; 41A1, rest 30 sec
B2. Cossack Squat/Side Lunge x6 each leg, rest 30 sec

Cx3; for total reps combined
1 min Max rep wall ball
1 min Max Rep Sit Ups
Rest 1 min

A. In 10 min, find a 1RM Weighted Strict Pull/Chin Up
A2. Max reps at 80% of A [bwt + # /80%]

B. HSPU Helen; [20 min cap]
3 Rounds for time;
400m Run
21x Wall Ball
12x HSPU

Happy Birthday

….to me! Yep folks today is my birthday and I am oh so happy to be spending it with all of you at the gym! I had a fantastic weekend in New Smyrna competing with fellow CFG athletes and spending quality time with Abhi and my family at the beach. Now I am ready to get back to my routine and take on this next year of my life with gusto. What better way to start the next year of my life than working in pursuit of a happy healthy life? Here is to another year!

Turns out I am not so great at skim boarding,,,the kids made it look so easy!


Workout of the Day


A1. Deadlift x8; 2020, rest 30 sec
A2. Double Under Practice, 30 seconds for technique, rest 30 sec

B. The ‘Mini-Sissi Test’, for time;
10-1 Russian KB Swings
1-10 Burpees

A.10 min alt EMOM;
A1. 2[1x Snatch High Pull + 1x Power Snatch]
A2. Hollow Rock x10-12 rocks

B. Snatch Grip Deadlift;
Find 1RM in 10 min;

C. 21-15-9, reps for time; [7 min cap, under 4 min with 50/35 is fast]
DB Power Snatch
Toes to Bar

Memorial Murph!

Memorial Day is recognized across America in honor of the people that died serving our country. In CrossFit, we show our appreciation and recognition for those men and women by gathering our friends for a challenging workout. For many, "Murph" can be intimidating and unimaginable. To be honest it should be, it's a substantial amount of work to accomplish in just one workout session.

Murph is:

1 Mile Run
300 Squats
200 Push-uPS
100 Pull-Ups
1 Mile Run

However, with the right approach Murph can be every bit of the challenge you want from your workout and equally rewarding as you pay tribute to it's cause.

Our gym participated yesterday in honor of Memorial day and for those of you looking for a Memorial Day Challenge- This year Body by Boris is hosting Memorial Day Murph. The event celebrates the bravery and strength of those who serve our country and raises fund for the Jonathan Cote Memorial Scholarship, aiding Veterans to pay for their semester tuition and books every year.
CrossFit Gainesville is closed in honor of Memorial Day!

Murph Recommondations:

New to Murph:

1/2 Murph- Adjust the volume of reps and partition the movements to accomplish this workout in under 40 min. Modifications for pull-ups and push-ups can be adjusted to ring rows as well as knee push-ups/or planks to ensure a challenging and safe workout.

Back for More:

Try to increase the difficulty and improve your time from last year. Movement quality should be a top priority as you take on a more challenging version.


For those who have succeeded in completing Murph in under an hour and show adequate movement proficiency- try adding a 20lb. weighted vest for the entire workout. Yes, the vest is worn throughout the entire workout- including pull-ups!

CrossFit Gainesville is closed in honor of Memorial Day!

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