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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness
Deuces Wild   
Have you been thinking about trying a CrossFit Competition, but not ready to drive to Miami or feeling a bit intimidated?  Well hop off the fence and just do it! I’ve competed at some pretty large competitions both as an individual and on teams.  There are pros and cons to both forms of competition.  
As in individual you leave your weaknesses exposed and your strengths can make you shine.  It is mentally and physically demanding and you learn a lot about yourself and your abilities. It is also physically and emotionally demanding.  An experience that will make you grow as a person and an athlete.  
On a team or with a partner you share the work.  Your weakness might be their strength, you can play off of each other’s energy, push each other, and pick each other up.  You often push your limits even further, refusing to let your team down. 
If you have any interest in competing, I would highly recommend checking out Deuces Wild hosted by CrossFit Pinnacle in Ocala.  Not only is it close by, but it is a two person team, so you don’t have to go at it alone!
Deuces Wild is CrossFit Pinnacle's 2nd annual two person team competition in Ocala, FL.  This single day event will showcase Scaled teams competing Saturday, August 15th  and RX teams competing Sunday, August 16th.  There will be three divisions: male/male, female/female, and male/female.  Each division will have it's own podium.  Teams will be tested on their physical capacity, teamwork, strategy, and communication.  Find your favorite training partner and get ready to test your will at DEUCES WILD!
Better together, the CFG She-Monstars post workout at Wodapalooza.

Workout of the Day

A. 2x Hang Power Clean + 1x Below Knee Power Clean rest 60 sec
B1. DB Single Leg RDL x5 each leg [10x both legs as needed], rest 30 sec
B2. Chin Over Bar Hold; 15-20 seconds, rest 30 sec
C. 3 Rounds for time
15x Slam Ball
15x no push up Burpees
One set every 2 min for 12 min.
Deadlift x3 reps, touch & go, working up, not to a max [roughly 80-85%]

B. 2k row for time

Gator Mud Run

The 5K Gator Mud Run is coming to town August 22nd! 
If you have never participated in an adventure race before, they are SO MUCH FUN! Plus you get to test out some of that “Functional Fitness” you train for at the gym! CFG is partnering with the Trojan Race Series (the ones putting the event together) so we want our community out at the event in full force! 
The race is a 5K (3.1 miles) and has 40 OBSTACLES! Expect things like a lillypad run across the water, walls, peg boards, monkey bars, big tires, hurdles, and LOTS OF MUD!! Gates open at 7am for sign in and racing starts at 8:30 which will be the Competitive Wave where the top 3 Male, Female, and Team( must be at least 4 members) run for a great cash prizes! The 9am and all other waves (one every 30 minutes till 12 noon) will be competing for age group awards for top three finishers. If you compete early in the morning you can stay for a fun day, the event will have a  band, beer, food, and  games like cornhole and potato sack races! 
They are also looking for Volunteers to help at some of the obstacles. As a volunteer you don’t have to sacrifice a spot in the race, they have a special time slot for the volunteers and the best part is you get to race for free!! If you are interested in racing for free and helping out, stay on the lookout for the sign-up sheet at the gym. 
How to Register: 
Join a Team: CrossFit Gainesville
Get your CFG Discount: CFG Members will receive a 50% discount at registration if you use the code: TrojanCFG
Sign the Events Board at the gym to let us know who is participating
Are you In?

Workout of the Day


A. 8 min Alt EMOM;
A1. Handstand Hold against wall; 20 sec
A2. Tuck Hold on Parallettes; 20 sec cumulative

B. 5 sets, rest 1 min after each set
60x Jump Rope Passes
10x DB Push Press
100m sprint
rest 1 min


A. Handstand Walking/ Shoulder Taps or handstand drill for 5 min [solo or with partners]

Bx4; Press x2 + Push Press x3; rest 90 sec

C. For time;
800m run
12x Shoulder to overhead
400m run
15x Shoulder to overhead
200m run
18x Shoulder to Overhead [115/80]

Should Massage Feel Good?

When you hear the word massage you might think candles, new age music, and incense.  Images of an epic spa day resulting in soothing relaxation.  Yes, some massages fit this description and if your goal is to zone and chill out, they might work for you.   
However, if you want to improve recovery,  relieve tension, increase blood flow, and release the "knots", your massage is probably not going to be the most enjoyable experience.  In comes the Sports Massage.  The goal of a sports massage is to increase performance, mobility, heal injury, and get you feeling better..after your session.  Your time on the table is generally not something you look forward to. 
However, you should feel better when you leave.  If you walk out and still have pain hours after leaving, your therapist may have been too aggressive.  Similar to training, you don’t run a marathon for your first race if you are new to running.  A good massage therapist will work with you as an individual and ease you into a treatment regimen. 
This Saturday Daniel Gonima from University Sports Massage will be at CFG from 8am-11am providing free tune-ups.  He will be set up in the Personal Training Bay office (yes, it is air conditioned).  Feel free to take advantage of his presence before or after class.
We get by with a little help from our friends!

Workout of the Day

Ax4; Front Squat x5; 30x2, rest 90 sec, working up heavier than last week so long as tempo holds. 
B1. Ring Row; AMRAP @1010 tempo, rest 30 sec
B2. DB Bench Press x5-7, 30x1, rest 30 sec
Cx4 sets. Row 200m, rest 90s-2 min x4 sets 
A. Back Squat; working up in weight to @84%; 5, 5, AMRAP [all at 84% of 1RM]
rest should be getting longer between sets.

B. 1 set for max reps.
2 min on, 1 min off;
1. Row for cal
2. Wall Ball
3. Push Ups; Plyo-Plate Push Ups; [hands onto 45/25]
4. V-Ups

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