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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

You're Only as Strong as your Weakest Link

I'm sure you have heard this statement in some shape or form, but what exactly does it mean and how does it help you? Let me explain! Your body is a mechanism built with complex systems that rely on each other for optimal operation (movement). These sub systems make up the body's kinetic chain, a continuum of muscle and joint function. Just like any machine, if one system or "link" is not working properly, then it affects the other systems causing breakdown in machine operation.

Kinetic Chain

With the kinetic chain being such a complex system with countless functions, the integrity and efficiency of this system can easily be compromised by both internal and external factors. Injury, poor posture, and muscular imbalance are only a few ailments that affect this system. Although these are separate deficiencies, they each may play a leading role in the development of one another so it is vital to address them as an inclusive entity.

CrossFit is a great avenue for people to get active and challenge their fitness. It also is a sport in itself. The competitive nature of some CrossFit training mainly emphasizes aerobic capacity, strength, and strength endurance with little to no individuality. With every human body being unique with different needs and weaknesses, it is important to address these issues outside of the group fitness arena in order to improve and optimize performance.

Relying solely on the Health or Performance program to correct any muscular or joint dysfunction is a hit or miss approach. This is because these programs are general templates to improve your strength, endurance, and power attributes. In order to maximize those attributes you have to work on things that may be limiting you as an individual/athlete. For example, one may discover they have Upper-Crossed Syndrome, a postural dysfunction that originates from long periods of sitting or bad posture habits causing tight traps/tight pectorals/Weak Rhomboids/weak cervical flexors. Click here for more info.  This dysfunction needs to be addressed!

Do your Homework!

Following through with "homework" or assigned exercises from your primary coach is important. Whether you know your individual issues or not, your body is going to adapt to whatever stress you put it through. If this stress is not systematic, more often than not, this can lead to plateau or overuse injuries.

So the revised statement should read: "the human body functions as good as its weakest link." Therefore, a training program only works as good as correcting those weak links. The ability to identify an individual's muscle dysfunctions or imbalances prior to implementing a training program can be argued as the most important feature of a training program. Doing this in a pre-training assessment allows for observations to be made based on movement patterns and muscle functionality to dictate any structural problems that need to be addressed when designing a progressive training routine.

Let's Get Strong!

With the Strength Program being another general template for enhancing and focusing on strength and muscle growth, the precursor for participants in the program will undergo a kinetic chain assessment to identify any dysfunction or weakness. This information will be used for assigned specific "Weakness to Strength" progressions throughout the 9 week program to address and not only correct those dysfunctions but transform them into assisting factors in your overall strength!  To learn more about the Strength Program CLICK HERE!!!!


Here is a good picture of how your body should be operating. Striving to achieve mobility or stability at the joints and the muscles surrounding them will ensure for proper kinetic chain function.


Workout of the Day


Deadlift; 4x8; 2020, rest 90-120
5 rounds; rest 1 min after each set; 90% effort 
200m run + 10x KB Swings + 5x Slam Ball



A. Front Squat Build to a heavy set of 3

Bx4; On Set every 2 min; OH Press Complex;
1x Strict Press, 2x Push Press, 3x Push Jerk;
Rest 90 seconds after each set

3 rounds for time
10x Front Squat [115/75]
10x Shoulder to Overhead
10x Toes to Bar

Thank You CFG!

We had a wonderful time on Saturday with the CFG community at Rocky's Piano Bar. Great food, friends, and a little Karaoke to sum up the night...

It's truly a rewarding experience to be a part of your fitness and lifestyle goals for us!

cfg crew

Workout of the Day


20 min AMRAP
5x Pull Up
10x Push Up
15x Squat


A. 3 position Squat Snatch; one set every 2 min for 10 min;
B. 2x Snatch Grip Halting Deadlift + 2x Snatch Extensions; one set every 2 min for 6 min [3 sets total]
C. 5 sets; rest 1 min after each set
5x Hang Squat Snatch @50-67% of A+ 10x Burpee over bar, rest 1 min

A Few Ways to Spread the Love at CFG this Holiday Season!

1. Bring a Friend. This Sunday and next (14th and 21st) bring a friend to try a CrossFit class with you. Many of you wouldn't be experiencing the joy of fabulous fitness if a friend hadn't dragged you to class!!! If you are a 2-3x/week member this won't count towards your weekly classes if you bring a buddy!

2. Show your near and dear how we get down. Join us at the Holiday party and bring a date! It doesn't have to be a romantic date! We will have yummy chicken and steak fajitas and grilled veggies catered by Bill Bosko and Beef O-Brady's as well as dessert catered by Paula Mullally and the Cookie Parlor! 

3. Give the gift of fitness! We have personal training packages available and out next BootCamp starts January 5, 2014. This gift will keep on giving well after the Holiday season.

Personal Training Goals

Who wouldn't want to celebrate the Holidays with these totally tubular people?!

Workout of the Day


Front Squat x3 + Push Press x3, rest 60-90 sec after each set

15 min AMRAP
10x Hand Release Push Ups
10x DB Thruster
100x Jump Rope Passes



Ax5; Deadlift; 1.1.1, rest 90 sec - 2 min after each set
B1. DB Bench Press x8-10; 31x1, rest 30 sec
B2. Bulgarian Split Squat x6, rest 60 sec
500m row for time
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