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"Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it" - C. Assaad




A1. Front Squat x5 reps w/2 second pause in bottom each rep
A2. Plank Hold x30 seconds
rest 60 sec after each set.

B. 3 Rounds for time
21 Wall Ball
15 Lemon Squeezers
9 Jumping Pull Ups


A1. Handstand Shoulder Tap x20
A2. Turkish Get Ups x3 each arm, smooth

B. "Nate"
20 min AMRAP
2 Muscle Ups
8 KB Swings \[70/53#]


Part 3, By: Kathy Rupar: 

Our biases are a result of the environment we have been exposed to throughout our lives. If

you've lived in a neighborhood where all the dads stay at home, while moms are busy

professional women who make all financial decisions, then you are very likely to strongly

associate female with a career and male with family. While we had little say in how we were

raised, we do have some control over the images we see and experiences we have as adults.

An easy strategy employed by Dr. Banaji to weaken the results she received from one Implicit

Association Test was to create a screen saver with faces of all different races that she views

every day. This counters the daily exposure of predominantly white male faces she sees at work.

Research has also shown that simply spending a little time on an imagination exercise had the

effect of weakening the bias reported by the Implicit Association Task

(https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html). Participants who spent time imagining what

a strong female looks like, what she is capable of doing, and why she is considered strong were

able to significantly reduce the bias reported by their Implicit Association Test results related to

gender roles in the home and office.

A strategy I plan to employ in my classroom this Spring is to include counter stereotypical

examples in the problems I work through with my students (for example, male nurses, female

construction workers, short CEOs, handicapped personal trainers). I'm hoping that this can have

a positive impact on me as well as my students. I hope you will consider similar interventions in

your daily life.

Another encouraging finding is that we can help break stereotypes that others have of the groups

we belong to. I was happy to read that students who take courses from more women faculty

members show a stronger association of female = leader and female = math. I bet the same can

be said for people who meet a friendly CFG member and their perception of CrossFit.

Read previous blogs from this series here.

blog post


A. 10 min on, 3 min off x3 sets

A1. Run 200m + 15x Russian KBS

A2. Row 200m + 75x Jump Rope Passes

A3. Single Arm Farmers Walk 100' +10x Burpee



A. 30 Burpees for time, rest 2-3 min


B1. Close Grip Bench Press x8; 30x1
B2. Zercher Lunges x5 each leg

C1. Pendlay Row x8
C2. Single Leg RDL x5 each leg

rest 2-3 min

D. 30 Burpees for time, compare A + D times.


Happy Monday!

We have an awesome surprise for you to see today!  See you in class!


A1. DB Bench Press x8; 30x1
A2. Plank Hold; 30 seconds
A3. KB Walking Lunge x8 steps each leg

B. 3 min on, 1 min off x3 sets;
4x Ring Row
8x Push Ups
12x alternating lunges [total steps]


A. Mobility Session
B. 30 min AMRAP:
Run 400m,
rest 1 min;
Row 500m
rest 1 min

Focus is on breathing/pacing. 85% effort across & similar splits would be ideal

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