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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Memorial Murph!

Memorial Day is recognized across America in honor of the people that died serving our country. In CrossFit, we show our appreciation and recognition for those men and women by gathering our friends for a challenging workout. For many, "Murph" can be intimidating and unimaginable. To be honest it should be, it's a substantial amount of work to accomplish in just one workout session.

Murph is:

1 Mile Run
300 Squats
200 Push-uPS
100 Pull-Ups
1 Mile Run

However, with the right approach Murph can be every bit of the challenge you want from your workout and equally rewarding as you pay tribute to it's cause.

Our gym participated yesterday in honor of Memorial day and for those of you looking for a Memorial Day Challenge- This year Body by Boris is hosting Memorial Day Murph. The event celebrates the bravery and strength of those who serve our country and raises fund for the Jonathan Cote Memorial Scholarship, aiding Veterans to pay for their semester tuition and books every year.
CrossFit Gainesville is closed in honor of Memorial Day!

Murph Recommondations:

New to Murph:

1/2 Murph- Adjust the volume of reps and partition the movements to accomplish this workout in under 40 min. Modifications for pull-ups and push-ups can be adjusted to ring rows as well as knee push-ups/or planks to ensure a challenging and safe workout.

Back for More:

Try to increase the difficulty and improve your time from last year. Movement quality should be a top priority as you take on a more challenging version.


For those who have succeeded in completing Murph in under an hour and show adequate movement proficiency- try adding a 20lb. weighted vest for the entire workout. Yes, the vest is worn throughout the entire workout- including pull-ups!

CrossFit Gainesville is closed in honor of Memorial Day!

Balance in Training and Life

*** We will be closing the gym between 1pm and 2:30pm on Friday May 22nd (TODAY!)*** 

As I have said in previous posts ‘Training is Hard’. As hard as training might be, I don’t think it compares to the difficulties and obstacles of this daily named WOD called ‘Life’. For some of us, we train to escape the stresses of life and to be strong. Some train specifically for aesthetics. For others, training is primarily a life decision that is made to maintain longevity on earth. Maybe you train for all those reasons, I don't know. Training for me has been a filled void that was originally occupied by football. Sports has always been my outlet and escape. Training was only an advocate to my on field performance and mindset of competition. I was driven by being a part of something bigger than myself while pushing myself to my mental and physical capabilities with a band of brothers. Not only was it rewarding to my body but it allowed my life purpose to come to fruition. Training now is not just something I do, but something I provide.

Balance in training is just as important as balance in life. We as humans get caught up in monotonous routines and rarely make changes due to lack of knowledge or pride. I'm just as guilty as this as anyone else. The human body is capable of so many functions and can adapt to whatever stresses/ environment that you put it through. It is important that we don't let our bodies adapt too much to a certain stimulus without introducing it to others. Just like in life, if you work too long without going on a vacation or getaway you tend to go into zombie mode and start to hate life! Maybe not to that extreme, but you know what I mean!! It is the same with your body, if you only do a select amount of movements over and over again you begin to accumulate muscle imbalances and dysfunction in other muscles that are not being stimulated correctly. This then starts to feel as if your body hates you! Injuries start to happen, chronic pain in your joints, plateau, and loss of confidence are only a few effects of your body revolting against you.

The point that I am trying to make is that don’t get too comfortable with how you are currently training and never be complacent in life. Switch things up every now and then. Try a yoga class, try a personal training session, do some water aerobics, play a sport, or even take some time off and enjoy how beautiful life is.

Your body and mind is your own experiment. Your mind needs stimulation and recovery just like your body does. Don’t think that by not crushing yourself in the gym you are not stimulating your body. Sometimes that’s the exact opposite of what you need. I am currently learning about this the hard way. As much as I want to throw weight over my head, put loads of weight on my back, and eat every weight plate in the gym, I can’t because I let my body accumulate some muscle imbalances and injuries that are hindering me to train pain free.

And I am not talking about the pain that is weakness leaving my body! Yes, sometimes pain is more mental especially in training, but sometimes pain if consistent (chronic) can be an indicator that your body is trying to tell you something. This is when you need to back off from what you’re doing and address the root of it. It all comes down to balance. Training is apart of life. Life is a part of training. What you do in life can affect your training, and what you do in training can affect your life. You are the ultimate judge of this. There are essentially no limits to life and to what your body is capable of. You just have to find that happy medium to ensure longevity not only in your training life, but in life in general. Happy training my friends!



Mary K., Jessica, Tracey and Kyleigh enjoying life and the CFG Scavenger hunt

Workout of the Day



Jackie, for time;
1k Row
50x Thruster [DB/BB]
30x Pull Ups [jumping/ring row/etc]


Lactate Repeats;
35 min AMRAP

Rest 3 min after each set;
Row 12/10 Cal
12x KB Swings [53/35#]
40x Double Unders
12x Burpees
12x Hang Squat Clean [75/53#
Rest 3 min

Don't Let this Event Race By!

Time is running out to register for the SWAMP Challenge!  This year the SWAMP Challenge takes place at scenic Austin Carry Forest on a 3 mile loop.

The race will start and finish with a short gauntlet including tire flips, partner sled drags, and a potato sack race.  Obstacles you might encounter include objects no more than 4 feet to scale, 'hoops' to jump through, webs to crawl through, obstacles to move, and puzzles to solve. Spoiler...we have developed a short fitness themed Sudoku, so start practicing!

REGISTER to Compete
Volunteer Sign Up

2015 SWAMP Challenge Prizes

Overall Fastest Time: The gym whose team gets the overall fastest time will take home the SWAMP Challenge Totem..until next year.
We will award First, Second, and Third place prizes for teams in all three categories. Prizes include: plyometric boxes from TriPly, NutriForce Sports prize packages, Eat the 80 $60 gift certificates, Rx Jump Ropes, D'lites $50 gift certificates, and more!


Workout of the Day

A1. Strict Press x3 +Push Press x3 reps, rest 30 sec, working up
A2. KB Walking Lunge x6 each leg, rest 60 sec

B. 12 min AMRAP;
200m run
10x Push Ups
10x Overhead Walking Lunge Steps


A1. Close Grip Bench Press x8; 30x1, rest 30 sec 
A2. Bulgarian Split Squat x5 each leg, rest 30 sec

B. 3 rounds for time; aerobic muscle endurance
400m run
15x Hand Release Push Ups
10/7x Strict Chin Ups
rest 90 sec active after each set

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