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With this weeks lifestyle challenge being about Yoga and mobility, I thought I would dig into some other recovery modalities in this post. Everybody knows how important rest and recovery is when training, right? Yea we all know, but how EFFECTIVELY do we ACTUALLY rest and recover from exercise with life being so hectic and stressful? Most people work full-time jobs or are full-time students working part-time jobs. When you add kids, a social life, relationships, and other obligations of life into the equation, full recovery from exercise can be difficult.

I was fortunate enough to experience an array of recovery modalities in my training background and during my time as a collegiate and pro athlete. However, I am not a professional athlete anymore and I can not train the same way I used to. Even though we all love the idea of using our athletic abilities in the gym, this goes for most of the people reading this as well. YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, so you should not train like one. I'm not trying to burst anyones bubble of hopefully becoming a great crossfitter or other type of athlete, I'm just saying that you need to be training smart.

Elite level athletes, whether collegiate or professional, are products of their support system. They can afford to train hard twice a day, every day of the week because they have the recovery & nutritional support to do so. Their obligations outside of a training facility, practice, or competition is very little to most of us living in the real world. This means they have access to all kinds of recovery modalities and plenty of time for rest. A lot of these modalities such as Normatec recovery machines, Power plates, Electrical stim therapy, Hydrotherapy (Ice baths, water treadmills), Game-Ready compression therapy, Active Release Technique specialists, and the knowledge of sports medicine specialists are not that readily available to the avid crossfitter. However, there are plenty of other ways one might enhance recovery thus maximizing performance.

So yea of course, yoga, foam rolling and stretching are essential to any kind of recovery plan. Having a balanced diet of anti-inflammatory foods, vegetables, and LOTS of water is another prerequisite in recovery. But I'm not here to talk about the obvious!

One of the first things we do as fitness enthusiasts is train too much. Yes, there is such a thing. Its called "over training" or what I like to call Central Nervous System Fatigue. This usually happens when we don't get enough rest between bouts or training too hard too long. You should be monitoring your training along with your everyday stress. Everyday stress (work, kids, class, etc.) has an influence on your central nervous sympathetic system and ultimately, your performance.

The only time we truly ever get into a parasympathetic mode (recovery state) is when we are asleep. However, if we are only getting 4-5 hours of sleep at night, we are not fully utilizing the parasympathetic system for recovery. This means other recovery modalities need to be put into the training plan. One of the best ways to use your parasympathetic system during the day is simply laying down on your back after a workout (or anytime) with your legs elevated, and taking deep belly breaths with your diaphragm (diaphragmatic breathing). This can almost substitute as a nap (of course a nap is better, but if you dont have time for that...) by recruiting your parasympathetic system to kick start the recovery process. The idea is to relax as much as possible while breathing deep, pretty much simulating sleep.
Another easily accessible recovery modality is a contrast shower. You have to take a shower after your workout anyway so why not be productive when doing so!! Rotating between hot and cold water every 30 secs or minute increases blood flow to the muscles and raises nutrients and immune cells to the area. This is great for CNS stimulation, muscle soreness and helps with metabolism as well.

The main thing that I want everybody to leave this post with is that you have to train smart. you have to listen to your body. I am just as guilty of not doing this as anyone else is. I want to train hard and eat barbells all the time, but I have learned the hard way. YOU are your body's best recovery method. Don't let your ego hinder your ability. You need to know when to train hard, train light, or train at all. Always remember that less CAN be more sometimes. If you find that happy place of maintaining balance between training and the stresses of life, I promise you, your body will thank you and take care of you for a long time. Keep up the hard work and stay smart my friends!!

Miguel says, "Train Smart!"


Workout of the Day


The Closing Act

Friday NIght Lights draws to a close this week. We have had some exciting performances from all of the athletes, raised awareness and funds for some great local organizations, and had a ton of FUN!

We will recognize several of our athletes on Friday and want YOU to be there to help celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. We will recognize: Spirit of the Lights, Game Face, Most Improved (from last year’s open), and a few bonus prizes.

Team winners of the Lift it Up Cup will be announced on Monday. We will print a Fracture with the team and the names of all the team members to hang at CFG for all eternity. So time to show up, raise funds, work hard, and invite your friends to get those points for your team.

Finally, we will have food catered by Beef O'Brady’s (THANK YOU BOSKO) and a keg from First Magnitude (Miguel’s choice). This for our entire community to partake: competitors, members, family, and friends. Please help us consume this deliciousness and celebrate a fantastic open season.

See you Friday!

Omer and Carter want to see YOU Friday at 5:30pm!


Workout of the Day


Ax4; Overhead Squats x5 reps

B. Full Tabata at each station, rest 1 min to rotate;
Slam Ball
Double Unders
Shuttle Run [5m each way = 1 rep]


Ax3-4; Skill work - move/flow through, resting about 20 sec after each
A1. Handstand hold; max time freestanding, or if they’re really good, then max distance handstand hold [note - if that 2nd part doesn’t fit with the flow of class, please adjust & take out]
A2. Muscle Up Transition Work x3-5 reps
A3. Turkish Get up x3 reps each arm, smooth pace - there’s most likely going to be shoulder to overhead on Friday, so good shoulder/scapular stability

For total time;
800m run, rest 1:1
600m run, rest 1:1
400m run, rest 1:1
200m run,

C. Front Leaning Rest on low rings; accumulate 180 seconds cumulative

Lift It Up Cup Update!

The Lift It Up Cup, our in house fundraising competition that has been happening simultaneously with Friday Night Lights, is coming to a close this Friday. Our community has come together to go above and beyond for these 3 organizations and it's been really awesome to be a part of! Below you can see what we have raised so far for each organization. Help us reach our goal of $1,000 for each organization! We only have 3 more days!

Donate Now To Tyler's Hope!

Donate Here For Youth Combine!

Click Here To Support PACE Center For Girls!


Find your favorite team and make a donation!

Workout Of the Day


Ax4; Hang Power Snatch x4, rest 60 sec

B. 15 min Alt EMOM; [each station x5 sets]
B1. Wall Ball x10-15 reps
B2. KB Walking Lunge Steps x6 each leg
B3. Row 125m


A. Back Squat; Wave Loaded; rest 2 min after each set
3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, - working up in weight each set - to a heavy, but not maximal weight single

B. Alt EMOM; 12 min [4x at each station. looking for 1:1 work/rest ratio]
B1. Row 150m
B2. Burpees x15
B3. Wall Ball x15

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