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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

FitCamp Challenge = $150 Cash Back

Say What!!!

There are only 3 days left to register for our 6 week FitCamp Challenge!!

As members of CrossFit Gainesville, you already drink "the juice" and know how much your fitness extends beyond your one hour crossfit class. Maybe your 3x a week membership started out as a way to get back into exercising, but I bet it didn't stop there. Suddenly you started making better food choices, setting health and fitness goals, getting better quality sleep, and found an amazing community of motivated people like yourself.

BUT . . . What made you get started? And what were your hesitations?

Did you think CrossFit was a cult, or unsafe, or how about a bunch of meat heads who love to talk about CrossFit, or did you feel like you needed to workout somewhere else to "get ready" for CrossFit?

Lets face it . . . CrossFit is intimidating. . . period.

That is where FitCamp comes into play. FitCamp is the introductory program into a CrossFit style of training. The high intensities and complex movements are removed, and replaced with basic strength and conditioning protocols to build some lean mean fighting machines :)

The Challenge part is new . . . You know it works, I know it works, but a newcomer is understandably hesitant about the workouts, intensities, and if they can "hang".

That is why we created a risk free challenge for our FitCamp members.

Here is how the Challenge works in 3 easy Steps:

1. FitCamp is $49 to reserve your spot (HERE)
2. Enrollment Day is the kick off to the program where we go over what to expect and take some baseline measurements (Body Fat %, Tape Measurements, Weight, BMI, etc)
*** $150 is due at Enrollment Day
3. Upon completion of the challenge, that $150 is returned to you! 

Challenge Rules:

1. Attend all scheduled FitCamp Classes (M,T,R @ 5:30pm)
2. Turn in completed food log weekly
3. Check in & post reflection after every class on Facebook

If all 3 steps are completed, FitCamp members will receive all $150 back at the end of the 6 weeks, along with all of their kick ass results!

We only have 3 days till the next FitCamp begins so if you have anyone you would like to share the gift of Fitness with please let them know!

FitCamp 1.0

- Enrollment Day: August 1st @ 10:30am
- First Day: Monday, August 3rd
- Class Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:30pm
- Final Day: Thursday, September 10th

Enroll a Friend Today - Give the gift of Fitness



A1. Hollow Rock x10
A2. Turkish Get up x2 each arm

B. 8 min AMRAPs, rest 3 min between
Run 150m
15x Sit Up
10x Ring Row

Jump Rope x 100 passes
15x DB Push Press
10x DB Walking Lunges [held in center of chest]


A. Handstand Hold/walk; 30 sec x3 sets

B. Hang Power Clean: Build to daily 1RM, one rep every minute for 10 min

C. Double Hanger
3 Rounds for time;
7x Hang Clean + Shoulder to Overhead
100x Double Unders



A Box of Doughnuts Can Change Your Life

Do you hesitate to ask for or avoid the things you want or need out of a fear of rejection? Are you afraid to ask out that cute girl at the gym, apply for a dream job, participate in a competition, or request extra meat on your burrito bowl? No matter how big or small, rejection hurts, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I have experienced it many times, my heart rate speeds up, my breath gets a little shallower, and my palms start to sweat. I am often amazed by how something so simple as asking a business owner to hang up some flyers can cause me such physical discomfort. Why does rejection hurt?

In a study conducted by the University of Michigan Medical School, researchers concluded that the brain pathways activated by physical and social pain are similar and thus cause a similar physical response. However, just like you can condition your body, you can condition your mind (note: some folks with hormone and chemical imbalances require therapy that goes beyond workouts or social exercises).

Summary of Study:

Entrepreneur, blogger, and author Jia Jiang wasn’t always fearless. After being turned down by an investor, he decided he needed to condition himself to accept and move on from failure. This conditioning took the form of 100 days of rejection, which took him on daily adventures seeking rejection from a variety of requests from hugging a Walmart greeter to making an announcement on a Southwest flight. You can read about it here: http://fearbuster.com/100-days-of-rejection-therapy/

Just days after listening to an interview with Jia Jiang, I attended a memorial service for my boyfriend’s close friend, Josh. While I didn’t know him myself, I was struck by how successful his life had been and how many people he impacted. One of his friends told the story about how Josh had taught him the invaluable lesson that you never know what you can get unless you ask. Here again, I was confronted by the fact that by fearing rejection and failing to act or ask, we are limiting ourselves and those around us.  Like muscle-ups, accepting rejection and turning it into an opportunity comes more easily to some than others.  Start small and build.  

So this blog title is about doughnuts. Take 12 minutes and watch this video to see how a box of doughnuts can change your life.


Tedx Austin Talk by Jia Jiang

Workout of the Day


Deadlift x8; 2020 tempo, rest 60-90 sec, working up in weight

B1. Chin Up Negatives x4-5 reps, start at hold over bar - slowly down, rest 30 sec
B2. Hip Thrust x5 - either banded or with light BB, rest 60 sec

C. 5-6 sets;
12x Russian KB Swings
6x Burpee
rest 30 sec



Ax4; Power Snatch Complex;
3x Power Snatch + 3x Behind Neck Push Press + 3x OHS,
% should be based off best snatch; 50, 60, [70-75]2
rest 90-120 sec each set

B. “Amanda”
9-7-5 reps for time;
Muscle Ups
Squat Snatch







Are Your Workouts Actually Working?

Let's be honest, working out can sometimes feel like a one way street. You put in the training time and effort, but don't always get the return you're looking for. The truth is, what you're looking for may be the problem in the first place. In my experience, many people fixate too heavily on the area that is most important to them, and that can backfire the results they're really looking for.

Let me explain...

The best workout results are achieved when clients are inspired and motivated by their progress, it's like gasoline on a fire for accomplishing their goals. However, if you don't have the right progress measuring stick it's like having a hole in your gas tank, and before you know it, you're out of gas and no way of reaching your goal...

I often hear, "Coach, I'd like to lose 10lbs. and I'm committed to training four times a week and changing my diet". For those of you shaking your head with shared motivation, this is a great goal. However, more often than not, what my client is really trying to communicate is that they'd like to lose body fat because their clothes don't fit like they use too or that they don't like what they see in the mirror before getting into the shower. Weight is often the only thing they know to measure their progress against.

In addition to single fixated goals, goals can also be too collective, meaning you're working towards too many things at the same time. This can feel overwhelming during your training cycle and can be a huge motivational drop if you don't see the type of progress you want. For example, attempting to increase both your maximum strength and peak your endurance performance at the same time will likely leave you unsatisfied and underachieved in both areas. The truth is, some goals just don't mix well and can be the equivalent of searching for a unicorn. I'm sorry, but you can't have it all. . .

Of course some collective goals do work well together, you'll just need several methods of measuring all their progress.

So, we've put together the following list of benchmarks to help you take a more effective approach to measuring your goals and keeping fuel to your fire.

How To Determine If Your Workouts Are Actually Working:

Performance Benchmarks- Are a way to collect data through specific tests and measurements, and used to evaluate and make changes in workout or programming decisions. Performance benchmarks are a great way to assess and measure improvements and indicate weaknesses in the training program. Tests can be singular or variations of strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, stamina, time, skill progression, technique proficiency, etc. Remember for accurate data, it's important that each test and retest is an identical standard.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)- Is a system for evaluating the quality of a client or athlete's movement ability. It consists of a few simple tests that can diagnose orthopedic problems, muscle imbalances, movement restrictions, and asymmetries in the body. This is extremely helpful for understanding which movements can cause you trouble or potential injury down the road. Equally, it's helpful for revealing what exercises are priority for fixing particular issues and getting you on your way towards better movement and performance. After all, how do you get the best results if you're not in the best exercise positions to do so?

Body Composition Analysis - Is a physical test that measures the proportions of water, protein, fat, and minerals in various body segments (legs, midsection, arms, etc.). It's used for analyzing body fat compared to lean mass, which is helpful for understanding best performance levels and body aesthetics.

Flexibility and Range of Motion- Flexibility tests the length of the muscle and tissue through a particular joints range of motion, while a specific range of motion test measures the angle of the joint or specific body part being evaluated.

Before and After Pictures- Are a great visual representation of body transformation. Body aesthetics can impact a person's confidence, energy, and drive.

Wardrobe- Clothing can be a great benchmark to reflect on because it offers a metric in the form of sizes and fit. Although no two clothing manufacturers seem to have the same size scale, your clothing can inspire your training when you have to buy new outfits or feel confident wearing something for the first time in a while.

Feelings- This form of feedback is likely the least measurable, however it could be one of the most important. Developing a rating scale and evaluating yourself across a few questions can help you gauge your feelings towards your fitness. Does your training excite you, are you happy with your performance, are you challenged in your workouts, are you inspired by someone, do you feel confident in your training abilities?

Coaching Feedback- Effective coaching feedback helps clients and athletes through motivational support, reinforces good performance habits as well as discourage poor ones, and facilitates a more direct and faster path to results. Coaching feedback is verbal cues and advice that helps correct errors in technique, exercise function, as well as training intensity levels necessary for clients and athletes to improve.
Not everyone has a coach they can rely on for this type of help, but establishing the right types of benchmarks for your training goals can mean the difference between reaching your goals or not!

Phil Inverted on a Handstand!

Workout of the Day


A. Snatch Progression Warm Up; not for weight, for getting comfortable with your basic progression; 5-7 min.
Bx4; Overhead Squat x5 w/1 sec hold at top every rep for control; rest 60-90 sec
C. 1 min on, 30 sec off x6 [2 sets, rotating through, start at worst station]
Wall Ball
Box Jump + Step Down /step up + step down
Row for Cal


A. Back Squat: 2 sets of 5 at 87%, then 3rd set is AMRAP at 87%rest 2-3 min between sets.

Alt EMOM; 12 min;
B1. Run 100m hard
B2. Toes to Bar; 10-12 reps



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