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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Healthy Competition

On the tail end of a fun competition in Miami and just weeks away from the CrossFit Open, I started thinking about the concept of competition and why I like to compete. While winning feels great, those feelings of happiness and elation don't last too long. So if you are pushing yourself hard in class, doing your extra work, and making sacrifices to be better at your sport just to win, you may be in for some disappointment. Here are a few of my own thoughts and conclusions about competition.

Keep the focus on building a better version of yourself, not on comparing yourself to others. Sure, it is fun to see where you stack up on a larger scale. Approach your training with a drive to improve and perform your best.
Focus on celebrating your own wins, not being discouraged by someone else's. Just because Rich can snatch 300lbs doesn't make your 10lb Snatch PR any less sweet. Don't compare your beginning to someone else's end. Then refer back to number 1. Keep the focus on building a better you.
Be open to the experience. Be open to lose and learn, be open to win and learn, be open to the highs and the lows and take it all in. This will ensure positive feelings about your competition as well as growth as an athlete and a person.

Finally, competing builds community. It is a great feeling to have the support of your community when you are giving your 100%. It takes guts to show your hand and play your best cards. Having the hugs, cheers, and encouragement from others is a feeling akin to no other.

So whether you are just starting out or a seasoned CrossFitter, think about participating in the Open this year. For the first time ever, they have a scaled division so that you can safely compete against others at your level. I am very much looking forward to cheering you all on, celebrating your success and learning from your challenges.

Erin Moynihan displaying her competitive spirit.


Workout of the Day


Pre-Skill; Rowing Technique + 2x 150m Row 
Skill; Strict Press: 4x5 
WOD: Tabata at each station
Rest 30 seconds to rotate
1. DB Push Press
2. Sit Ups
3. Row for Cal
Ax3. Rowing
Row 250m hard, rest 3 min

B. 15 min cap
3 rounds for time
15x Deadlift [185/115]
15x Burpee over bar

rest 2 min;
30x Man Makers for time

Why we want to track your results!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.56.38 PM

This is what progress looks like! We love numbers around here because we love progress. Progress is motivating and lets face it, sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to get in here and work hard! So, everyday, put your numbers in. Then, meet with your primary coach see your progress, make plans for improvement, and get excited about your accomplishments!

Athlete briefing Wodapalooza 2015

Workout of the Day


Ax4-5 sets -

A1. Hang Power Clean x4-5 reps, rest 30 sec

A2. Double Under work; 30 seconds, rest 30 sec


B. 3 Rounds for time;

400m run

15x KB Swings

60x Jump Rope Passes




A. Snatch;  every minute on the minute for 10 min;

Load; 50, 60, 70, 80 for all sets across


B. 15 min AMRAP;

Run 200m

12x Box Jump Over 24/20

10/7x Dips

rest 30 sec active after each set


Happiness Jar

A year ago a good friend explained to me the idea of keeping a happiness jar. I instantly fell in love with this practice and promptly created my own jar for all things happy. The idea is simple – set aside a jar into which you will put in notes describing all the things that make you smile throughout the year. Come New Year's Eve, you will open the jar up and explore its contents. Being able to do this on Dec 31st, 2014 made it one of my more enjoyable New Year's Eves to date. In the jar I found some of the following notes:

"Mom got a new job"
"Got keys to new place"
"5 Points of Life with the girls- made me tear up to get all their support"

I cannot express how incredible it is to re-live each of these wonderful moments. So I encourage you to start your own Happiness Jar – I promise it will only make you smile. Even more importantly, it will help you better appreciate and acknowledge the good things that happen in your life. My goal for 2015 is to include notes about the smaller things that make me smile and not just the milestones (for example - watching CFG athletes compete at Wodapalooza this past weekend had me smiling ear to ear). And you don't have to wait until New Year's to open the jar - dive in whenever your days are less than ideal for a boost of positivity.

CFG Twister is a solid candidate for the Happiness Jar


Workout of the Day


10 min alt EMOM;
A1. Overhead Squat x5-7
A2. Push Ups x10-12

B. 12 min AMRAP, rest 1 min after each set
10x Wall Ball
8x Pull Ups
6x Burpees


A. One set every 90 sec for 12 min;
3 position power clean
load; 50%, 60%, 70% for all remaining sets

B. 4 min AMRAP; rest 2 min, 4 min AMRAP
10x Power Clean [135/95]
40x Double Unders

10x Toes to Bar;
10x Box Jumps [24/20]

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