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Warming up, is it really just about body temperature?

By Danielle Bodin

As we move into winter and notice temperatures dropping, most of us will also notice our muscles getting tighter than normal and taking longer to warm up. If you are one of these people it can be very beneficial for you to come in a few minutes early and spend some time helping your body prepare for the workout to come. Knowing how to warm up properly is also useful when you are doing workouts on your own.

So, how do we warm up?

First, the 'general' portion of the warm up gets blood moving into the extremities and muscles. The general warm up is made up of 3-5 minutes of low intensity consistent moving. These movements should be low in technical difficulty to allow for safe and continuous effort. Examples include jogging, rowing, jump-roping, and biking.

Next, the 'dynamic' portion of the warm up is used to move joints through their range of motion, allowing the athlete to pass through the correct positions multiple times in an effort to stretch the related muscles. The movements in the beginning will be slower and more controlled, then gradually increasing in speed. The dynamic warm up should incorporate the upper body, lower body, and core and will be made up of 8-15 different movements. Examples include lunges (slow), inchworms (slow), bear crawls (medium), handstands (medium), burpees (fast), wall balls (fast).

Lastly, the 'specific' portion of the warm up refers to warming up the movements and energy systems that will be used in your workout. This is where you will practice technique and drills for the movements you will be doing. If you are running for your workout, you would want to do some running technique drills. If you are doing snatches, you would want to work technique from different positions, gradually moving into your workout. If you are going into a high intensity, high effort workout, you want to do something to mimic that effort to prepare yourself.


Katie Rubin bundled up at the Turkey Trot last year!

Workout of the Day


3 sets
A1. Run 200m 85% output, rest 30 sec [steady output each set]
A2. Barbell/DB Bent Over Row x8; 21x1, rest 30 sec [working up in weight]
A3. Tuck Hold on Parallettes; 20 seconds cumulative, rest 60 sec

B. 1 min on, 1 min off for 6 sets;
Sets 1 & 4: Jump Rope [work on double unders if possible/as pre-A skill]
Sets 2, & 5: Plank Hold - accumulate as much time as possible [elbows & toes if possible]
Sets 3 & 6: Ring Rows
Scoring is total jump rope passes/double unders, total plank hold time, and total ring rows of both sets



Ax2: 800m run, rest 3 min @85% effort
4 sets
B1. Strict Chin Up x5, rest 30 sec
B2. GHD Back Ext x10-12 reps; 1 second pause at top
5 min, Max unbroken double unders, every break = 5x KB Swing
Score is total double unders


Health and the Mind-Body Connection

By Nicole Black

The Whole Life Challenge (WLC) finished up recently and you may have participated or have heard about the weekly challenges they encountered.  Some included creating daily “to-do” lists and decluttering (you should see my office!).  There were several weeks, however, focusing on the mind-body connection.  For one week at a time WLC participants placed a daily focus on each of the following practices:  listing at least three things for which they were grateful, smiling at a minimum of three individuals who they would not normally smile at, engaging in at least 10 minutes of mindfulness (e.g, meditation), and the final challenge encouraged the participants to reach out to important people in their lives in a meaningful way.

Why do you suppose WLC participants were encouraged to engage in these practices?  They are good for your health!!  There are numerous studies showing various benefits such as decreased cortisol levels (stress hormone) and anxiety and improved social bonds and motivational drive.  There are also potential medical benefits for individuals who have problems with headaches, sleep, psychological issues and many other areas.  See these two examples of published studies McCraty et al and Bowden et al.

You are part of the CrossFit Gainesville community for the good of your health, so how about giving one of these practices a try for one week?  Just seven days, for your health.   


Tammy Bleeker and other WLC participants


Workout of the Day


Ax4. Hang Power Clean x5, rest 90 sec
Bx3 Sets, high effort [90%]: 12x Russian KBS + 100m Sprint, rest 90 sec
Cx3: 100m Row, rest 90 sec



A. Back Squat 4-5 sets x 5@30x1, working up in weight
rest 2 min

B1. Press 8@20x1, rest 20 seconds
B2. Single Leg Split Squat w/DB x8 each leg, rest 1 min
C. 4 Minute AMRAP, rest 2 min, repeat steady pace

9x Wall ball
7x Toes to Bar
5x Burpee box jump over [24/20"]

2 Minute Holiday Challenge

You may have had the pleasure of encountering a workout with L-sits in the programming. If so, you know that these suckers look easy and are anything but. Typically we do them hanging off a bar, on parallettes or boxes, and some are able to do them on rings or even a rope. But recently I discovered that they can also be trained from the ground – and dare I say this may be more difficult than any of the above.

Below I'm including a video showing proper form as well as some fun progressions. This exercise will not only work your core but also provides quite a test for your shoulders. My goal is to work on these throughout the holiday season and track my progress. Starting tomorrow, I plan on accumulating 2 minutes of work at least four times a week to see what I can accomplish for the New Year. I'd love some company !


Jeff performing a burpee at the WLC finale!


Ax4 sets:
A1. Back Squat x8 @31x1, rest 90 sec-2 min

Bx3 sets:
B1. KB Walking Lunge x6 Steps each leg, rest 30 sec
B2. Seated DB Strict Press x8; 21x1, rest 30 sec

C. 2 min AMRAP, rest 1 min, x3 sets (goal is same rounds each AMRAP, no fall off)
3x Burpee
6x Wall Ball
9x Sit Ups


A.Every 2 min on the minute for 12 minutes
sets of 3 Power Clean, work up in weight

B. 4 Rounds - High Effort - score is total time including rest
7x power clean @67% of A)
sprint 100 meters
rest 2 min after each round

C. 3 Rounds of:
Row 150m
Rest 2 min
Score is total time including rest

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