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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Skill as a Skill

Skill is the ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance. Now this is a fancy term to define a simple word but I believe it describes exactly what a CrossFitter needs to be effective and maintain a long healthy training regiment in our sport. If you look into the past of any successful athlete you'll see countless hours of practice refining their skill before they step into their respective arena. Now the majority of CrossFitters do not have the time as most of these athletes, but the theory still applies if you want to be a successful and healthy CrossFit athlete.

The majority of the movements, in CrossFit, will be done during the WOD. While this will definitely make you fit, it will not improve your skill level for whichever movement you might be performing. Think about trying to do double unders in an actual workout when you're already exhausted compared to when you're fresh and rested. So take the time before or after your WOD to work on your weak spots.

Now I know what you're thinking, "But Matt, there are so many movements in CrossFit. How am I supposed to master every single one?" Calm down, take a deep breath and think about the one movement that gives you the most trouble. Focus on one movement until you feel comfortable with it. The great thing about functional movements is that there is a lot of transfer from one movement to another such as front squat to squat clean or pull-ups and dips to muscle-ups. Just realize that it is going to take time to become efficient in any skill you are trying to develop.
There is a term that I've always loved, "slow is smooth, smooth is fast". Basically slow the movement down and focus on proper mechanics. If you stay focused, and diligent the speed will follow. Think efficiency more than "balls to the wall". Definitely use the tempo of the strength portion to focus on your skills. Your back, muscles and joints might thank you in the long run.

On any given morning you can find miss Kelly Grogan chipping away at her skills before and afte class.


Workout of the Day


Ax4; RDL x8-10; 2020, rest 90 sec

Bx3; DB Bent Over Row x8; 30x1, rest 60 sec

For time;
Row 500m
100' farmers walk 
30x Slam Ball


Ax3-4; overhead squat x3 reps

Hang Squat Snatch x1 rep every 90 seconds for 12 min, working up to a heavy single

5 rounds; rest 1 min active after each round; 90-95% effort
5x Hang Power Snatch [60% of B]
15x Wall Ball

Is consistency keeping your goals just out of reach?

Lots of people talk about being constant, or more exactly, their difficulties with being consistent. Whether it is in training, nutrition, or other areas of life creating new ‘good’ habits is always the hardest.
Think about the things you do consistently by choice….. Maybe you attend church every week. You never miss a Gators game. Or, maybe you never miss an episode of The Walking Dead. What ever it is, one reason you are able to be consistent is because your friends and family are able to see that it matters to you and they respect it because they respect you. If you are having a hard time showing up at the gym consistently because you have too many other things to do, or you can’t follow your diet plan because you always have plans to eat out, it may be because you need to tell some people in your life about your goals.
Next, I want you to think about things you do, specifically, things you do by choice. How many of these things are enjoyed (or maybe suffered through depending on your point of view ;) with friends or family? I would be willing to bet that one way or another that is how you were introduced to this activity. Then, it became something you did within your community, consistently. Having a community to participate within does wonders for consistency.
Here at CFG our community is ever expanding and very diverse. Let us help you find your place, come in about 15 minutes before class and chat with the coaches and other members, let us build the web for you! 
If you are looking for a new community to help you with your consistency check us out here www.crossfitgainesville.com send us an email, we would love to meet you!
Sean Kiley, our flying anesthesiologist!!

Workout of the Day

A. 200m run for time, rest 2 min x2
B.Strict Press; 4x5 reps, working up in weight, rest 90 sec
3 rounds, 1 min per station, rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete
1. Shuttle Run 5m each way
2. DB Push Press
3, Jumping Pull Ups
Ax3 sets; for score on A1 & A3, for quality on A2.
A1. Freestanding Handstand Holds for max time, score is total of 3 rounds
A2. GHD Raises x12 reps
A3. Rope Climb; max ascents in 30 seconds

4 min AMRAP, rest 3 min, 3 min AMRAP, rest 2 min, 2 min AMRAP, rest 1 min, 1 min AMRAP, done.

100m Sprint
10x Toes to Bar
5x Dips

Quick Tips For Your Next Grocery Trip

Reading nutrition labels can be confusing. You can find many recommendations such as how you should be keeping your sodium or sugar numbers down, while focusing on increasing your intake of fiber. However, keeping all these in mind as you shop may get overwhelming. Rather than proving yet another list of recommendations right before the holidays, I wanted to share with you a few different nuggets of wisdom that have made me a more savvy grocery shopper.

1. Ingredients are listed in descending order of weight – i.e. the ingredient that weighs the most in the food product is listed first. From this you can deduce quite a bit about the quality of the product. For example, unless you are looking for a sugary dessert, seeing 'sugar' as the first or second ingredient is not a good sign. Yet it often is the second ingredient you see in yogurt, peanut butter, and cereal.

2. Producers are allowed to round down – i.e. 0.45 grams of trans fat will be displayed as 0 trans fat. Here is where reading the ingredient list comes in handy as well. For example, oil sprays state that each serving size contains 0 calories, 0 trans fat, basically 0 of everything. Yet the ingredients list may mention hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils – aka trans fats.

3. Serving size numbers do not always represent realistic serving sizes. Yet another reason why Pam oil spray indicates zero calories on the nutrition label. Each serving size is considered 1/3 second spray! While all other numbers look appealing, serving size listed may be a third of what you typically eat (or a 10th if we're considering cooking spray). If grams are confusing, sometimes it helps to determine how big the serving size actually is by comparing it to the total servings per package. If there are 2 total servings, you know one serving size is half of the package.

And if you've ever wondered what all those 'fat free', 'low fat', 'low sodium' labels actually mean, here's a great reference chart.  Notice, that as per tidbit #2 above, fat or sugar 'free' does not actually mean there is no fat or sugar in the item.

P.S. I also read wine labels. Earmuffs for all connoisseurs - the bottle with highest % alcohol usually makes it into my cart (for those occasional glasses of wine of course). If the % falls below 11, you know the wine is diluted with water or sugar – neither of which is ideal.

Tim, Jeff, and Kelly enjoying the Pizza Box game


Workout of the Day


A. Back Squat x5 reps @30x1, rest 90 sec
B1. 30 second max rep push ups, rest 30 sec
B2. KB Walking Lunge x8 each leg, rest 30 sec

6 min AMRAP
3x Burpee
6x Wall Ball
9x Sit Ups


Power Clean + Push Jerk
One rep every 90 seconds for 12 min, working up to a heavy single/1RM

2 min AMRAP, rest 2 min, 4 min AMRAP, rest 2 min, 6 min AMRAP.
5x Shoulder to Overhead 135/95
10x Burpee
30x Double Unders

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