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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Holiday Party!

Our coaching team invites you to join us this Saturday at 6pm for our annual CrossFit Gainesville Holiday party at Rocky's Piano Bar downtown. Each year we come together to celebrate the company of our clients, our health, and new goals to accomplish together.

Please RSVP to Coach Aimee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you'll be joining us.

All smiles when training at CFG!

Workout of the Day


A1. 1x Clean Grip Deadlift + 3x Hang Power Clean [working up in weight as needed]
A2. Max Rep Ring Row @1010 tempo [any break in movement/tempo & set is terminated]
B 4 min on, 2 min off, 4 min on for max reps
Max rep KB Swings - every break 20 second plank hold before they can continue


A. Back Squat, on tempo; In 15 min, work up to a heavy single Back Squat at 30x0 tempo
B.5 Rounds for time:
9x Front Squat 165/110
9x CtB Pull Ups

Training Mental Toughness

By Nick Drago

One of the key aspects of physical training and sports performance is mental toughness. It is the factor that can change outcomes. Mental toughness is the reason for sport upsets. Mental toughness is the reason that the athlete that may not be as fast or strong or skilled can beat the phenoms.

Now this is not a measurable skill but it can be trained, and CrossFit does an amazing job at that. Look at how many members at our gym are performing feats of athleticism they never thought possible: double unders, pull-ups, running longer and faster, throwing heavy barbells overhead, and walking on their hands.

These abilities are not learned overnight; they are trained for weeks, months, and years. Most of us know what it is like when a skill or a goal seems to be just out of reach or when a workout just beats you silly, but we still decide to keep practicing, to keep moving, and to come back the next day for more. That is mental toughness and on those days where everything hurts, nothing seems to be going right, or we worked ourselves into the ground only to come up short of our goal. That is when you are training your mental toughness the most. On these days, it is less of a physical battle and more of a mental one.

Here are a few tools I like to use when I'm in the middle of my workouts to give me that extra mental push:

Think of why you exercise. In those moments during your workout when it hurts the most give your suffering a heartfelt reason and you can run through walls no matter how tired you are.

Set yourself up with small goals. This is a tool that the Navy Seals use in their training. The idea here being that many small goals add up to large ones. If you have a workout with 100 burpees, tell yourself "Get to 10 to start, then 20, then 30." As you get tired set smaller goals, "get to 35, then 40, then 43," and slowly as you chip away at your small goals your large goal becomes more attainable.

Tell yourself "One more rep." I like this tool because it shows the power of the mind. During workouts when your whole body burns and screams for you to stop, to walk instead of run, to come off of the pull-up bar, or to drop the barbell you tell yourself to fight for one more rep. I bet you'll be surprised that this one extra rep was not as daunting as you imagined. This will add up over time and your confidence will grow.

So remember, even on those days where the last thing you feel like doing is working out, push yourself to come to the gym. Your mental strength will thank you.

**Want to get someone you know started on the path to training their mental and physical toughness?  Our next BootCamp starts January 5, 2014. **


One of the best displays of mental toughness: Emily on 14.5.

Workout of the Day


Ax4. Hang Power Snatch Tech x3 +OHS x3

B1. Snatch Grip Deadlift x5, rest 30 sec
B2. DB Bench Press x6, alternating arms, rest 60 sec

8 min clock counting down;
400m farmers carry 
remaining time is max rep KB Swings


HandStand work, 5-10 min min

Hang Squat Snatch x3 unbroken reps; one set every 2 min for 12 min
50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 80%


Gymnastics Benchmark; 100 Pull Ups for time
or 30 muscle-ups for time

PERFECT! A gift for the people in your life that don't actually need more stuff

This year we have some great Personal Training Packages put together for you or someone you love! We are excited to have several qualified trainers who can impact your health from laying the foundations of an active life-style to sports specific training.

Packages include: Sports Performance for Teens, Look Your Best, Cross Training for Endurance Athletes, Gymnastic Skills, and Olympic Lifting.  We have bundled the 12 session packs with great SFH products to help you reach your goals. Click here for details.

I am very excited to offer small-group and one-on-one training for youth. Twice a week I gear up to train a group of hardworking middle-school lady volleyball players. I look forward to my time with them each week where I get to develop their athletic skills from speed, agility, and power to injury prevention and nutrition.

With sports specific training starting at such a young age, often kids are missing some fundamental strength and conditioning that will not only help them increase their sports performance, but will make them stronger healthier adults.

Imagine if you had started learning gymnastic skills and developing good movement patters as young as 6? What would your back squat be today if you had the proper mechanics by the age of 15? I can't think of a better gift!

Something for Everyone
To get started with one of our fabulous packages, e-mail your primary coach and they can help direct you to the right trainer for your needs!

My Volleyball girls (ages 11-14) digging in on their sled pulls..love these ladies!

Workout of the Day

A. Front Squat x6-8 reps reps; 22x1, rest 90 sec

B. 4 min AMRAP, 1 min off x3 sets
1. 10x Wall Ball + 50m run w/ wall ball
2. Row for Cal steady
3. 10x Sit Up, 5x Pull Ups


Ax5; Deadlift x3 reps; touch & go; one set every 2 min

B1. 6 min AMRAP
5x Deadlift 67% of A + 7x Dips, 

rest 2 min

B2. 6 min AMRAP
10x KB Swing + 10x Box Jump 

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