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CrossFit Gainesville- School Of Elite Fitness

Visualization for Recovery and Performance

Training is hard. If it wasn’t, everybody on earth would be walking around looking like an elite athlete. It can be just as much of a challenge just to make the decision to go to the gym as attempting a PR in the back squat. Whether you are training to be a games CrossFitter, Olympic weight lifter, or just for the betterment of your well being, it is a difficult process. There are so many aspects of fitness that need to be addressed in a training program. Physical strength, endurance, power, balance-stability, flexibility, mobility, skill, muscle imbalances, injury prevention, etc. are all significant aspects that need to be developed in order to reach your goals. However, arguably the most important aspect that is often neglected is mental fitness.
We have all heard in some shape or form how “powerful” the mind is. So why don’t we utilize its power more? The reality of the situation is that sometimes not everyone can successfully control the mental component of fitness more less the mental aspect that comes with competition. However, everyone can attempt to improve upon past performances and eradicate problematic thinking and try to foster a mental attitude that is primed for success.

Visualization is a simple tool that every athlete can use to help speed recovery and enhance performance in workouts and in competition. If you read my blog on recovery or attended coach Aimee’s skill clinic on breathing for recovery you should have an understanding of how influential relaxation is on the body. Whether in need of an expedited recovery time or a positive mindset in competition, relaxation is key. Autogenic training is a simple relaxation technique that is designed to help speed recovery and improve performance. This method of relaxation is aimed at influencing the autonomic nervous system to calm the body and mind for optimal visualization. It is pretty much self induced hypnosis. In an autogenic training session, the main goal is to produce heaviness and warmth in the body while embedding visual images in the mind of self satisfactory. These images can range from person to person, goal to goal, it is an individual sensation. For example, an olympic weightlifter preparing for a competition will visualize a little bit differently than the novice gym goer but both can benefit from this process. Although very different, they both have common goals of recovery and performance and will initiate the visualization process very similarly.

The following steps are an example of how to do your own autogenic visualization session:
step 1) Lay down somewhere quiet and be quiet
step 2) Take 10 slow and deep belly breaths to initiate the relaxation process, concentrating on using the diaphragm. your belly should be rising and falling, not your chest.
step 3) Start to rephrase the statement in your head “my are arms heavy, my legs are heavy, my body is warm” 10 times. while continuing your deep breathing.
step 4) Start to visualize a past time that made you feel good. try to remember every detail of that day. If visualizing for competition or performance, visualize your last PR or your last best performance. try to visualize every detail of that performance.continue to breath.
step 5) Start to shift your visual images to a time in the future in which you want to improve. For example, an olympic weight lifter, might visualize his competition day, every detail of that day, from the time he wakes up to the time he grabs the bar to set his record.
step 6) Start to embed those images in your subconscious by restating “ I will do _____, I will Lift _____, I will run ______” whatever your goal is, restate it 10 times or more until you have convinced yourself.

If you do this right you will trick your subconscious into actually believing you have already done it. Therefore training or competition will almost be dream-like as you set your new PR.

As strong as our bodies are we need our minds to be just as strong if not stronger, so start to utilize its power. Happy Dreaming!


 Wonder what Carter is visualizing here!

Workout of the Day



Ax3 Front Squat x10; 30x1, rest 30 sec

B. 18 min AMRAP;

100m run + 3 sets of;
3x Jumping Pull Up
6x Push Ups
9x Airsquat
rest 30 sec


AX3. Back Squat 10 reps; rest 2-3 min after each set;
20 min AMRAP;
100m run + 3 rounds of 2x Muscle Ups, 10x Wall Ball
200m run + 2 Rounds of 2x Muscle Ups, 10x Wall ball
400m run + 1 round of 2x Muscle Up, 10x Wall Ball;

*If you cannot do MU - perform 4x Pull UP, 6x Push Up, 10x Wall Ball

5 Reasons to Participate in the SWAMP Challenge

I am starting to get WICKED excited about the 6th Annual SWAMP Challenge. Here are five reasons why you should too!

  1. Adventurous venu at the Austin Cary Forest
  2. Interact with other members of the fitness community
  3. Support the Alachua Conservation Trust
  4. Take your fitness outside of the gym 
  5. Great prizes!

Not sure you want to participate, but you want to be involved? We need Volunteers!

Volunteer Sign Up

2015 SWAMP Challenge Prizes

Overall Fastest Time: The gym whose team gets the overall fastest time will take home the SWAMP Challenge Totem..until next year.

We will award First, Second, and Third place prizes for teams in all three categories. Prizes include: plyometric boxes from TriPly, NutriForce Sports prize packages, Eat the 80 $60 gift certificates, Rx Jump Ropes, D'lites $50 gift certificates, and more!


Adventure and fun await you!

Workout of the Day


A1. DB Snatch tech x5 each arm
A2. Double Under Progressions x30 sec

4 min on, 1 min off
1&3; Bear Crawl x20m + 50x Jump Rope Passes
2&4 8x Alt Arm DB Snatch, 10x Back Extensions


Ax6; one set every 2 min for 12 min;
3 position power clean; 1.1.1 [rest 5 sec after each rep], rest ~90sec after each set
Bx3; Clean Extension x4;
Working up to about 90% of 1RM, with good positioning
C. Alternating Tabata; 16 sets [8 min total]
score is total reps combined
C1. Alt Arm KB Clean
C2. V-Up


Why you should bring a friend on Sunday May 17th at 10am!

Because it's a SCAVENGER HUNT WOD and it's going to be AWESOME!
Complete with watermelon after! If you don't break it during the workout :)

This Sunday May 17th CrossFit Gainesville will be hosting their first ever Scavenger Hunt WOD! This is a bring a friend or 2 or 3 event. All members are welcome and if you bring a friend it won't count as one of your 3 weekly classes. This is a chance to do something a little different with your weekend workout, get out and about and have some fun with a friend! Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to have your buddy(ies) fill out a waiver. The WOD will begin at 10am and finish at 11am. 

Paula Natalie and Erik having some fun!

Workout Of the Day

A1. Seated Strict Press x5 reps, rest 30 sec, working up
A2. KB Box Step Up x5 each leg, rest 60 sec
B. 5 Rounds for time
200m Run
10x DB Push Press
10x Overhead Walking Lunge Steps

A1. Handstand Hold/Walk [for about 30 seconds] - wall walks, freestanding, shoulder taps,
A2. Hollow Rock x15 rocks
B. 'Nancy' [20 min cap]
5 Rounds for time;
400m run + 15x OHS [95/65#]

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